Jaws of the Rich and Famous

A woman with great jaw structure is smiling on the red carpet.

Rarely do we associated celebrities with dental pain. But stars are human too and deal with dental pain that plagues all of us. Some celebrities have sought treatment to resolve their dental ailments, from overbites and underbites to crooked teeth and teeth or jaw grinding issues.

Common Teeth & Jaw Issues

Common dental problems people from all walks of life deal with are overbites, underbites, and bruxism (grinding or clenching of teeth). Like we do, stars will seek treatment for dental pain caused by these oral issues. But, first, let’s dive into what these oral issues are. 

An overbite happens when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth. Underbites occur when your lower teeth overlap with the upper teeth. Both overbites and underbites can range from mild to extreme and in the amount of pain it can cause on the person with these malocclusion problems. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, has various factors and reasons why individuals will grind and clench their teeth.

Next, let’s delve deeper into these dental issues, and what types of treatments are out there.

Overbites & Underbites

Cindy Crawford, Freddie Mercury, and Tom Cruise. These stars all had either an overbite or underbite. Unlike Cindy Crawford and Tom Cruise, Freddie Mercury never sought treatment to resolve his overbite. He didn’t want to risk altering his vocal abilities due to the oral work required to correct his prominent overbite. Cindy Crawford, on the other hand, received treatment for their malocclusion misalignments. 

Cindy Crawford utilized braces, not once, but twice to get the smile that she wanted and to rid herself of her overbite. However, if braces don’t sound like a fun time, Dr. Konig and his office specialize in other treatments to resolve overbites. For example, orofacial myofunctional therapy or full mouth rejuvenation are both offered by Dr. Konig.

Tom Cruise’s early headshots showcase a vastly different smile. Hence, through corrective treatments like braces (and later on veneers), his crooked teeth and underbite became the smile that we know today. Similar to Tom Cruise, George Clooney also sought treatment for his dental ailments through veneers.

Teeth & Jaw Grinding

George Clooney’s classic smile might not be here with us if not for veneers. George Clooney suffered from grinding and clenching of his teeth. Although his specific cause(s) for this dental issue is unknown to the public, anxiety or jaw alignment are significant factors for this oral ailment. 

Bruxism can range in prevalence from when a person feels anxious or angry to all-day grinding or only clenching during sleeping. There are different treatment approaches for relief from bruxism, depending on the causes for the grinding and clenching. In the case of George Clooney, he opted for veneer treatment. As grinding and clenching can wear down and weaken teeth, veneers are an excellent option for those who have worn down their teeth. 

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