What can you do about overbite or underbite?

There are many options outside of conventional orthodontics and surgery when it comes to treating overbite and underbite. Instant orthodontics, myofunctional therapy, TMJ treatment and full mouth rejuvenation are treatments offered in our practice that can correct a misaligned bite. Read on to learn more about underbite and overbite and how to correct these bite problems.

Do I have a misaligned bite?

With an underbite, lower teeth extend out in front of upper teeth. With an overbite, upper teeth extend well beyond the lower teeth. During appointments, your dentist will check for misalignment of your teeth, an abnormal appearance of your face, whether you have difficulty or discomfort when chewing or biting. Speech difficulties such as a lisp can indicate a misaligned bite.

Problems with misaligned bites

Misaligned bites and crooked teeth can cause a number of problems over time. First, they interfere with proper chewing. They make it more of a challenge to keep teeth clean, which can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. They can strain the teeth, jaws and muscles, which increases the risk of breaking a tooth. Aesthetically, it can make people feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Next steps

If it’s determined that you have a misaligned bite, the next step is an in-depth evaluation and consultation. Often, orthodontic treatment is recommended. Another option in our office is a combined bite correction and instant orthodontics approach called a non-surgical facelift. Full mouth rejuvenation combines restorative, general and cosmetic dentistry services. Facial development orthodontics corrects abnormal growth patterns and corrects misaligned bites. TMJ treatment and myofunctional therapy often complement the cosmetic treatment of overbite and underbite.

To learn more about underbite and overbite treatment options, call 713-425-1302 to set up a consultation with Dr. Konig.

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