Non-Surgical Overbite Correction and TMJ Treatment to Create a Beautiful Smile

It is not commonly recognized that an overbite or even misaligned bite not only can cause worn teeth, but also TMJ pain. TMJ symptoms can range from headaches, jaw pain, joint noise, and even ringing of the ears and snoring.   Briefly, this can occur as the muscles are strained and the jaw joints can be …

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Can Chewing Gum Cause TMJ?

TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is also referred to as Myofascial Pain Dysfunction (MPD) and affects about 75 million individuals at any one time. TMJ/TMD can be the result of multiple causes. Common causes for temporomandibular joint dysfunction include grinding or clenching of teeth, misaligned teeth, stress, bad posture, and even chewing gum. What Is …

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15 Soft Foods To Eat After Dental Surgery

After a dental surgery procedure, one might experience feelings of being overwhelmed with sticking to their treatment plan, especially regarding what foods to eat after dental surgery. Although we all love our crunchy foods, sticking to a diet consisting of soft foods is the best option after dental work, such as teeth removal, implants, veneers, …

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What is TMJ?

What is TMJ? If you look up the definition of TMJ,  there are a large range of definitions, not just one.  This is rightly so as TMJ a broadly used term that includes symptoms from headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, and even clicking and popping.  The implications of TMJ are wide ranging and can even …

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Jaws of the Rich and Famous

Rarely do we associated celebrities with dental pain. But stars are human too and deal with dental pain that plagues all of us. Some celebrities have sought treatment to resolve their dental ailments, from overbites and underbites to crooked teeth and teeth or jaw grinding issues. Common Teeth & Jaw Issues Common dental problems people …

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Back Pain and TMJ

The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull. It is also one of the most complex joints in your body. Up and down and side to side jaw movements are made possible through hinge actions and sliding motions of the temporomandibular joint. In addition, the temporomandibular joint is utilized for chewing, talking, and even …

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