Snoring: How is This Affecting my Health?

I Snore, So Does that mean I have sleep apnea?  Consider some facts about snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA):  photo credit: Wavebreakmediamicro | – Man Snoring Loudly As Partner Blocks Her Ears Photo©>“>″>“>http://www.dr… –

Can Allergies Cause Bad Bites and TMJ Problems?

Today’s world is full of pollutants and the allergies are causing more children to have malocclusion (bite problems) than ever before.  Airway problems do cause bad bites and TMJ problems.  Generally speaking, allergies and enlarged tonsils prevent individuals from breathing through their nose and leads to mouthbreathing which is detrimental to ones health and bites. Please view …

Can Allergies Cause Bad Bites and TMJ Problems? Read More »

A New More Effective Toothpaste?

Dental technology continues to improve in areas from Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry and now a  new toothpaste developed by a startup company is claiming to be twice as effective as traditional toothpaste such as Crest or Colgate.  CBS broadcasted a segment explaing about  the new toothpaste called Livionex, took 5 years to develop and uses a …

A New More Effective Toothpaste? Read More »

Are Dental Implants or Bridges Better for Replacing Missing Teeth?

A patient emailed me and asked what options she had for cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry to replace a missing front tooth that was knocked out when she was 9 years old. The following explains three choices in this situation and the pros and cons of each: There are usually several options to replacing a …

Are Dental Implants or Bridges Better for Replacing Missing Teeth? Read More »

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