Dentures vs. Implants for Teeth Replacement

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Missing teeth not only detract from the appearance of your smile, but also make it difficult to eat, speak and maintain good oral health. Dental implants and dentures are two of the most common ways to replace teeth, but which one is right for you?

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Houston, Dr. Ronald Konig will help you weigh the benefits of each and ultimately choose the absolute best tooth replacement for you. To schedule a consultation, please call 713-668-2289.

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Dental Implants

For most people, dental implants are the most durable, longest-lasting and most functional option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Dental implants stand apart from other tooth replacement options because they are embedded into the bone beneath your teeth, which not only makes them optimally strong, but also prevents the shrinking and resorption of this bone, thereby maintaining the contour of your lower face and jaw.

Advantages of dental implants can be summed up as follows:

  • Replaces the entire tooth from root to crown
  • Abutment portion is matched to your natural teeth for a seamless smile
  • Last for many decades, possibly a lifetime

Dr. Konig has helped numerous patients restore their confidence in their smiles with dental implants. As an experienced implant dentist, he can tailor the treatment to you so that you can enjoy the best possible results.


Dentures are one of the most traditional forms of tooth replacement. Although they cannot match the durability, function and longevity of dental implants, they remain an effective way to restore your smile.

Dentures can be made in a partial or full form, depending on the number of missing teeth. Also, dentures are more advanced than ever before. Dr. Konig provides his patients with custom dentures that will match the color, shape and size of your natural teeth. Unlike dental implants that are often used to replace just a few missing teeth, Dr. Konig can replace all of your teeth with dentures. Modern dentures also help you retain the muscle strength in your face and prevent your face from having a sagging appearance.

One of the options more patients are selecting is the use of dental implants to secure a dental prosthesis. With this option, dentures or a dental prosthesis can be held in place more successfully than with the dental glues and pastes of the past.

What People Say About Us!

"Dr Konig and his team are amazing! They always make you feel welcome, respect your time and do excellent dental work. I have been a patient for 15 years and highly recommend them." - Don L.

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Which One is Right for You?

The only way to know if dental implants, dentures or implant-supported dentures are right for you is to visit Dr. Konig for a consultation. After an examination of your teeth and a discussion of your expectations, he can provide the clear, accurate information you need to make choices about tooth replacement.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your options for replacing one or more missing teeth, please call the dental practice of Ronald W. Konig, DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, at 713-668-2289. We serve Houston and all of the surrounding areas, including Katy, Sugar Land and The Woodlands, Texas.

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