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Computerized TMJ Analysis

What is it? Dentistry has for years lagged behind in technology as opposed to medicine when it comes to treating complex issues such as TMJ and bite problems. Most dentist still arbitrarily guess where to position the jaw and to determine what the problems are with the TMJ joint. For example, your cardiologist does not use a stethoscope to determine how your heart muscles are, they use EKG’s. Computerized TMJ Analysis allows for us to use EMG’s in a similar manner to determine which muscles are not working properly with the jaw alignment. This coupled with many other computerized scans allows us to assess what problems are present and allows us to treat the problems accordingly. Electronic jaw tracking and electrosonography two additional scans that the computerized TMJ analysis allows us to assess.

The electronic jaw tracking allows us to see the actual movements of the jaw in three dimensions. The electrosonography listens to the joint sounds in which an assessment to degree of degeneration can be seen.

In addition to providing such in depth information, when corrections are made to the joint and bite, we can ascertain that the muscles and joints are responding correctly and allowing for stability. Everything can be measured and analyzed, The computerized analysis provides so much information about the joints,muscles, and bite as opposed to arbitrarily placing a splint in and hoping that the patient gets better.

The computerized scans are also used to help adjust the bite, verify stability during treatment. This is amazing technology that provides such insight to a complex issue.


This is a revolutionary and patented neuroscience technology is proven to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.  We are proud to offer this to help our patients relax without using drugs. NuCalm also works to help healing and relax muscles, which helps us help our TMJ patients feel better as well as get a better bite for their treatment.  It is interesting to know that professionals and Olympic athletes also use NuCalm to help with recovery and relaxation.  This has a special place in our practice to help patients.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Intraoral Scanner

Bite impressions are traditionally uncomfortable and messy. It's difficult for our dentist to get a precise rendition and often makes patients gag. The TRIOS scanner system fundamentally changes the way we take bite impressions. The scanner quickly takes accurate, high-quality readings and reveals the images in color, which allows Dr. Konig and our staff to identify key parts of your teeth that need improvement. Dr. Konig does extensive research on upcoming technologies, and the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Intraoral Scanner is the best of its kind.

Qi Laser

Gagging has often created dental fears, we now use this laser to dramatically decrease or even eliminate gagging with dental impressions or dental care.  It is painless and takes less than a minute.  Truly a unique tool to have to help patients.

New Bonding Resins by Empress Direct

This is an exciting product that we added to our armentarium for bonding teeth. The Empress Direct has true to nature shades that allow us to seamlessly and artistically mimic nature. Additionally, this system polishes beautifully to a gloss and lustre as well as retains this surface gloss.

What are the differences between this bonding technique as opposed to traditional bonding? The new system offers much more natural shading and polishability.


What lasers are used? Lasers have come a long way in dentistry and allow for better and less invasive dentistry.

What procedures are they used for? Lasers in dentistry are used for a variety of procedures. The Diode laser in our office is primarily used for painlessly recontouring and removing soft tissue (gums) for functional and/or cosmetic dentistry procedures. Additionally, we use this for frenectomies and removing small lesions.

The lasers offer a huge advantage over traditional methods of using a blade to cut as there is no bleeding, no post op pain, and the tissues heal so much better. I cannot imagine practicing without this laser.

Immediate Dentinal Seal Technique

This is a new technique that is now being used to protect the nerve inside the tooth after dental care is performed. For example if an onlay, crown, or veneer is being completed and a temporary placed, rather then waiting until the patient returns and the long term restoration placed, the tooth is immediately disinfected and the nerve sealed off. This technique can be likened to placing medicine on a cut immediately as opposed to waiting a week. The benefits are reduced risk of endodontic treatment (root canal).

NewTom CBCT Scan

We are proud to have this technology in our office. This is the most important tool for planning of dental implant placement.  Our CBCT has advantages over CT scans, the first and most important is the tremendous reduction in radiation to our patients.  The second is the ability to select the fields of view from small to large.  Using this CBCT for dental implants, we are able to see the bone, nerves and plan dental implant cases without any guess work.

The use of our  CBCT scans  is also necessary to assist in treating TMJ cases.  Again, this is hugely valuable as we do have a full field of view which allows for visualization of the head, neck, and jaw joints all which are important and involved when treating TMJ pain patients.

There are also many other high tech uses for our CBCT such as visualization of cracks on teeth and infections that do not show on conventional films.

INVIVVO Software

Software must be used to reconstruct the CBCT scans. The Invivvo software is a highly sophisticated program that our office uses to get the views we need.  Having the software allows us to be sure the views are constructed properly for correct diagnosis.

Water Pik

The use of the water pik is gaining popularity as it is easier to use than flossing and is often more effective in getting deeper into the gums.

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy, sometimes called Cold Laser Therapy, is an advanced, non-invasive treatment for pain management. “MLS” stands for Multi-wave Locked System, which means thsat multiple light wavelengths are used within the same laser. This blocks multiple sources of pain in one area, as well as initiates cellular repair and growth in the area.The laser boosts cellular energy, allowing your tissue to absorb nutrients more quickly while also increasing blood circulation.MLS Laser Therapy treats various sports injuries but use it during our TMJ/Smile Makeover treatment to help relax and reset sore, damaged muscles before improving the bite.

Mphi D US mls laser

Nupro Freedom Hygiene Handpieces

Excited to introduce our new cordless polishers for hygiene appointments. This technology polishes much better and allows for enhanced control, comfort, and reduced noise offering a more pleasant and efficient appointment!! We love advanced technological advancements that help our patients!

pre text image nupro freedom barrier in hand clipped small


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