Tongue Tied? What is the Big Deal?

Tongue tied is the term given when the muscle that holds the tongue in place is preventing normal movement and function of the tongue.  This can cause TMJ and numerous other issues. The following is a short list of important complications that can arise:  -failure to thrive -TMJ -nursing problems -improper swallowing -speech issues -colic/reflux -improper …

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Government Reconfirms Importance of Flossing: The True Story

In the wake of last weeks media hype of flossing not being important for dental health, the American Dental Association (ADA).  This is simply not true and has the media has done a great disservice to the public by announcing this. The ADA asked  the governmental issues why the 2015 guidelines did not include flossing.  The …

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My Jaw Locks: What is going on?

WHAT IS JAW LOCKING? Some TMJ patients experience an inability to open their mouths fully.  This is termed jaw locking and can often be treated with non-surgical TMJ therapy. Different terms are often used to describe locking jaws. These terms range from closed locks, open locks, or even popping jaws. WHAT CAUSES  JAW LOCKING? The …

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Is Flossing Really Important?

Dentists everywhere have urged patients to floss daily for decades, but is flossing actually beneficial? Some studies say the benefits of flossing may be a myth and none have proven the efficacy we’ve long associated with floss and oral hygiene. The US government dropped flossing from its dietary guidelines in 2015, but the American Dental …

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