Full Mouth Reconstruction in Houston

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction or rejuvenation is a comprehensive and individualized approach to improving the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. Drawing from a vast selection of safe and effective treatments, Houston dentist Dr. Ronald Konig will work closely with you to choose the combination of treatment options that will restore strength, comfort, and beauty to your smile.

If you are struggling with several oral health and beauty issues, full mouth reconstruction may be the ideal solution. Please call the Konig Center for Cosmetic & Comprehensive Dentistry at 713-668-2289  to schedule a consultation with Ronald Konig, DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA and learn more.

Dr. Konig welcomes patients from The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and all surrounding areas of Texas.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for Restored, Healthy Teeth and Gums

This treatment approach restores optimal health, function, and form to your teeth, gums and bite. By addressing dental problems and deficiencies at the source, Dr. Konig's full mouth rejuvenation treatments not only improve the appearance of your smile but also improve any existing dental health problems and functional issues.

Your full mouth reconstruction is designed to address your individual needs and goals, but the scope of the procedure typically includes:

  • Repairing damaged or broken teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Replacing old or damaged dental work and restorations
  • Making sure the jaw joints are in an optimal position for comfort and function
  • Correcting misalignment of the bite

Dr. Konig will recommend the combination of dental treatments and dental restorations that will work best for what you want to achieve. These procedures are then combined into the rejuvenation process, which could take only one appointment or several months to complete, depending on which treatments are chosen. During your initial consultation at our Houston office, Dr. Konig will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine which procedures will be necessary, enabling him to provide you with an upfront estimate of the time required to perfect your smile.

One of the goals of full mouth rejuvenation is to make your smile look great so that you can enjoy improved confidence and self-esteem. Feeling good about your smile is an important part of your self-image. But full mouth rejuvenation is much more comprehensive than aesthetic improvement alone. These treatments also correct functional and health-related issues related to restore complete comfort and beauty to your smile.

What’s the difference between full-mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover?

The difference is the need for the procedures and the goals. Smile makeovers are elective procedures where the goal is to aesthetically improve the smile through the use of porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and the like.

Full-mouth reconstruction is necessary to basically save the patient’s teeth and overall oral health.

Candidates for full-mouth reconstruction

There isn’t a single threshold denoting a full-mouth reconstruction. This isn’t a “set” list of procedures. Dr. Konig applies the term when a patient’s situation has progressed far past just a tooth or two needing attention, or when the gums have passed gingivitis into full-on gum disease.

These are some possible issues that lead to full-mouth reconstruction:

  • Multiple teeth that have been lost due to extensive decay or trauma
  • Multiple teeth that have been injured or fractured
  • Teeth that have been worn down from long-term grinding or acid reflux
  • Gum disease is threatening the health of the teeth and the jaw

Real Patients / Real Results

Addressing Jaw and Bite Issues

A common underlying cause of dental problems is occlusal disease originating from a misaligned bite. When your bite is misaligned, it means your upper and lower arches of teeth do not meet in an ideal position. As a result, the teeth begin to wear down and damage each other, which can lead to pain, discomfort, broken teeth, and poor tooth appearance.

Occlusal disease also affects the bones supporting your teeth and the jaw muscles. You may experience symptoms of TMJ disorder if your teeth are straining the temporomandibular joints. Full mouth rejuvenation by Dr. Konig can correct these problems by restoring a proper bite and TMJ relationship.

Issues impacting the jaw and bite that are commonly addressed during full mouth reconstruction include:

Depending on the specifics of your case, treatment options for these issues may include orthodontic options such as Controlled Arch Orthodontics™, myofunctional therapy, or an anterior growth guidance appliance. These treatments can, by turns, improve facial structure, eliminate TMJ symptoms including headache and difficulties chewing, and improve tongue positioning. In some cases, these treatments are used in combination to address multiple issues at once, though this is not always needed.

What should I expect from my full-mouth reconstruction consultation?

Dr. Konig views all of his consultations as a free flow of information between the two of you. You’ll begin the discussion, detailing the things you would like to see changed with your smile and your oral health. You’ll discuss what you’d like to see as your final “new” smile.

Then it will be Dr. Konig’s turn. He’ll thoroughly examine your mouth, looking for signs of gum disease, jawline deterioration, and the health of all of your remaining teeth. He’ll check your jaw alignment, as orthodontic work could be necessary. He’ll look for signs of bruxism.

Once he has closely examined your situation, he can then detail what procedures he thinks you’ll need to achieve a full reconstruction of your smile.

Throughout your consultation, Dr. Konig encourages any and all questions you may have about the specific procedures involved. He’ll discuss your timeframe for the procedures he thinks will be involved. The office can then provide an estimate on your overall costs.

How long is the process to have a full-mouth reconstruction?

The length of time it takes Dr. Kong to fully rejuvenate your entire mouth depends, of course, upon the procedures you need. This is an involved process, typically entailing a series of procedures that Dr. Konig will perform in phases. The entire process from start to finish can take up to one year.

The risks involved with having a full-mouth reconstruction

These are low-risk procedures and treatments. There is a slight risk of infection with treatments such as root planing and scaling. But Dr. Konig has extensive experience and training with all of these procedures and treatments, further minimizing any risks involved.

The real risk is not having these procedures done. A misaligned bite, due to long-term teeth grinding or other issues, can lead to all sorts of chronic pain across your face and neck. The infection in gum disease can spread to other areas of your body, even your cardiovascular system. Leaving decay in a tooth or teeth can eventually lead to an abscess developing in the tooth, which can then also spread into the gums and beyond. The reality of not having full-mouth reconstruction when it is warranted? A future without teeth or with a full set of dentures.

What is the recovery process like for full-mouth reconstruction?

Due to the wide assortment of procedures that can be included in full-mouth reconstruction, it’s impossible to say what your individual recovery will entail. Implants usually involve a three-step process with some gum recovery for a few days. Cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers don’t require any recovery. Root canals have some soreness, but no real recovery. Rest assured that Dr. Konig and our team will walk you through your recoveries, just like your procedures.

Is having full-mouth reconstruction painful?

At Dr. Konig’s practice, we strive to make every procedure as comfortable as possible. Modern anesthesia and techniques make most procedures very comfortable. There may be some pain during recovery, but we help you manage that. And if you’re apprehensive about any treatments, we offer sedation to help you overcome those fears.

What Our Patients Have to Say

"I enjoyed healthy teeth but had a cross bite & two baby teeth as an adult that never fell out. I’m a big laugher by nature & I would always attempt to control my smile & laugh in order to minimize my teeth’s exposure. As an adult, I began an exhausting search into options to correct my smile. My options seemed daunting. Then I found Dr. Konig & his wonderful staff. I had conducted multiple consultations with multiple doctors without a single one making feel as though I wanted to move forward. By the end of my consultation with Dr. Konig we had a plan that I felt comfortable with & was excited about. By the end of two pain free (& actually very pleasant) visits, Dr. Konig had created the big beautiful smile I’ve always wanted. Today, on special days & every day in between, I smile my fullest smile thanks to Dr. Konig & his staff. I couldn’t be more grateful for their kind, attentive, & professional care… I will never go to another dentist nor will I ever recommend another one to anyone that asks. Thank you, Dr. Konig!"

- Alexis

About Dr. Konig’s Approach

As a graduate of the  L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dentistry and one of only four LVI Fellows in the Houston area, Dr. Konig is uniquely equipped to provide advanced and comprehensive treatments for complex jaw and bite issues. Dr. Konig serves on faculty at LVI as a clinical instructor and is an experienced, respected, and trusted member of the dental community.

Voted Houston’s Best TMJ Dentist, Dr. Konig’s thorough treatment of problems related to the jaw have helped countless men and women find renewed comfort and confidence. Utilizing the highest quality materials and offering the most effective treatment options, he can help restore your smile to its strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful in the shortest amount of time possible. Call today or contact us online to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Functional Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX

Correcting Dental Problems at Their Source with Functional Cosmetic Dentistry

smile rejuvenation konig center of dentistry houston, tx

Functional cosmetic dentistry seeks to address both the appearance and health of the smile. This comprehensive approach is ideal for full mouth reconstruction because it allows Dr. Konig to address common cosmetic dental problems along with general dentistry issues that can impact the appearance and function of the teeth and gums.

Cosmetic options such as dental veneers and tooth bonding can be used in conjunction with other treatments for instant orthodontics, while porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays, and tooth-colored fillings can protect teeth weakened by decay or infection while honoring the natural coloring of your smile.

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants can be used to replace the missing root, working to prevent structural changes to the jaw. Implants can be restored with dental bridges, porcelain crowns, or properly fitted dentures, in many cases producing a more lifted appearance and serving as a non-surgical facelift for patients who may have experienced changes to facial symmetry and fullness following tooth loss.

Each patient is entirely unique, making each full mouth reconstruction unique as well. During your initial consultation, Dr. Konig will listen to all of your concerns, carefully examine your entire mouth, and provide you with honest information about your best treatment options. During this visit, we can also discuss financing options that can help make procedures affordable for every budget, along with a treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs and goals. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you, please call us today to learn more.

Schedule a Full Mouth Rejuvenation Consultation

If you are interested in finding out if full mouth rejuvenation is right for your oral health and beauty goals, please call the dentistry practice of Ronald W. Konig, DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, at 713-668-2289 . We serve all of Houston and the surrounding areas, including Galveston, Baytown, Conroe, Brookshire, and Pearland.

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