June 2023

How Dental Work Can Give You a Non-surgical Facelift

When you think of a facelift, you probably think of things like plastic surgeons, injections, stitches, scars, and a long healing time. However, there are existing non-surgical options for a facelift. One kind of non-surgical facelift that isn’t talked about much is getting dental work done to improve the aesthetics of your face. Let’s take a deeper …

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How Does TMJ Cause Ear Pain?

TMJ disorders can cause ear pain because of the close proximity and interconnectedness of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the structures of the ear. The TMJ is located just in front of the ear, and its movement is responsible for opening and closing the mouth, chewing, and speaking. When the TMJ is dysfunctional or experiencing …

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Can My Bite Cause TMJ?

There are numerous causes for TMJ pain and connected issues.  Your bite (way teeth meet together), jaw position, and overall dental health do play an important role in causing TMJ dysfunction.  There are multiple issues that can cause TMJ pain and everyone’s case is usually different depending on their circumstances. Causes of TMJ Mouth breathing: …

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