Migraine Headache Relief Through TMJ Treatment

About Headaches & TMJ/TMD

Frequent tension, migraine, and sinus headaches affect millions of Americans. These headaches can interfere with work and social life, leaving individuals struggling to deal with the pain.

While the cause of all headaches is not known, chronic headaches are often a result of TMJ/TMD, a misalignment of the jaw joint. The reason for this is that the muscles and nerves in your jaw are intricately linked to the muscles throughout your head and neck. When misalignment causes excess tension in the muscles, they, in turn, cause tension in all the muscles in your face. Despite this fact, TMD is one of the most frequently overlooked causes of headaches.

Because TMJ/TMD is overlooked, many people treat headaches with over the counter or prescription medications. These medications can have an adverse effect on your internal organs and also lead to addiction. Worse still, they cannot treat the underlying problem or help you avoid future headaches. By comparison, TMJ/TMD treatment from Houston neuromuscular dentist Dr. Ronald W. Konig can treat the cause of your headaches, helping to eliminate future occurrences and provide you with a long term relief. Call 713-668-2289 today for more information.

Treating Migraine and Tension Headaches with Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dr. Konig offers several options for treating TMD headaches which are dependent on what type of bite problem you have. There are different treatments for different problems. Simply placing an arbitrary mouthpiece will not solve your problem if there is clicking, popping, or degenerative changes. More complex cases sometimes require the use of more than one type of orthotic.

Neuromuscular dentistry takes more into consideration than just the teeth. The whole system of the head, neck, shoulders and jaws are evaluated to help with long term stability and correction.

The benefits of seeking neuromuscular treatment for migraines and other headaches are numerous. These treatments can not only free you from prescription medications, they can eliminate the cause of your headaches while also preventing future problems such as uneven tooth wear and systemic issues related to TMD.

During your TMD evaluation with Dr. Konig, the best treatment option for your condition can be determined. If you live in the areas of Houston, Katy, Sugar Land or The Woodlands, Texas, and suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, please contact the Konig Center for Cosmetic & Comprehensive Dentistry through this website or call 713-668-2289 to schedule a TMD evaluation today.

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