Houston Texas TMJ Dentist: Advancements in TMJ Diagnosis

Houston Texas TMJ Dentist: Advancements in TMJ Diagnosis TMJ problems generally fall in two categories: muscle related or joint related, both which can be extremely painful and debilitating.  This can affect ones overall health and lifestyle as well.


Most clinicians try to diagnose TMJ based on patient history and a physical examination and sometimes a panoramic film.  Today, our office offers the benefit of extremely high quality imaging at a very lose dose.  This is a CBCT scan, not to be confused with medical CT scan which is very high dosage of radiation. The older types of film were not very clear or accurate. With cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), in my opinion has revolutionized TMJ treatment.  We are able to extremely clear and vivid images of the joint. This provides us with more information and therefore more accurate and efficient treatment.  Additionally, our office has full view CBCT scan which also allows us to see the neck, airway, sinuses, and more. This further aids us with a comprehensive treatment plan to help patients. This being said, it is a learned skill and ongoing commitment to learn to properly read these scans as well as reconstruct the images.  Combining our knowledge from these scans along with our knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry, computer assisted diagnosis and EMG’s, and comprehensive evaluation of the neck, posture, joints, shoulders, and airway has pave the way for us to help so many patients whom have not been able to find successful treatment in the past. If you have questions about Houston Texas TMJ or Houston Texas TMJ Dentist, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF7 13-668-2289

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