Houston Cosmetic Dentist: Smiles and Stress

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Houston Cosmetic Dentist, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, shares an article about your smile from the Wall Street Journal and how it is related to stress reduction and health.  Research has shown that wearing a smile brings benefits such as slowing down the heart and reducing stress. The same research all shows that smiling can make you feel happier as well. Some experts feel, however, that only a genuine full smile allows health benefits.  This real or full smile is referred to as a Duchenne smile, which was named after the French neurologist who states that this smile "generates the physiology of positive emotion and changes in the brain."

Smiles and Stress

Either way, it is truly amazing that we can enhance our health by simply smiling!  This brings to light why so many patients who have had porcelain veneers or cosmetic dentistry tell us how happy they feel as well as it has changed their lives.

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