Houston Cosmetic Dentist: Non-surgical facelifts and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Houston Cosmetic Dentist, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF discusses how cosmetic dentistry can perform a non-surgical facelift in many cases. Many patients have decreased lower 1/3 of the face which can be due to a bad bite, TMJ issues, worn teeth due to grinding or aging.  In these cases, the  result is not just an older-looking smile, but an aged facial appearance. Often affecting the lips, causing wrinkles and a compressed looking face between the nose and chin. In most of these cases, surgical facelifts are not needed.

TMJ Case Before PhotoTMJ Case After Photo

This is an area that plastic surgeons change as they are unable to correct this lower 1/3 face problem.  Using advanced computers and technology it is possible to correct these problems as an adjunct to cosmetic dentistry creating a more youthful face and smile.  Notice how the round face has change to a more beautifully proportioned face and the youthfulness that returns.

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