Botox for Migraines – Why It’s Not the Answer for Treating TMJ Migraines

Botox is not new and has been around for cosmetic procedures such as reducing wrinkles.  Many patients have asked about Botox for migraines and TMJ pain which is often advertised and promoted on television.  This came about as some doctors noted that when using botox for wrinkles some patients started to get some relief from their headaches or migraines.  Botox is not FDA approved for TMJ use.

TMJ patient with a headacheSimply stated, botox is a “band aid” for migraines, meaning it masks the real issues that are causing the headaches.  Many TMJ headaches are caused by misalignment of the jaws and teeth as well as causing secondary neck pain.  TMJ migraines are not the same as other types of migraines and can most often be corrected with non-surgical correction of the jaw alignment which affects the head and neck alignment too.  This constant strain causes abnormal muscle tension and strain on the whole head and neck complex.

Additionally, there are side affects from Botox, the most common being:


-flu like infection


-temporary eyelid drooping

-May also caused a fixed smile that could last for 6-8 weeks

Overall, botox can last 2-5 months and then has to be repeated.  It does not correct the problem but mask the symtpoms.  If one has deteriorating joints and cervical issues from their TMJ problems, this can continue to get worse over time as the botox is simply masking the true problems that are occurring in ones body.

If you have questions about TMJ pain and Non-surgical bite correction, please contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713668-2289.

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