Do Not Extract Teeth for Braces: Get a Second Opinion!

Has someone recommended extracting teeth for orthodontic treatment?  This is an outdated treatment technique that is sadly still used.  There are very few cases that really need to have teeth extracted to correct the jaw relationships and bite. Jaw development or jaw growth protocols are often a much better option to consider.   Some will say this cannot be done, however, it can works on adults as well.

With new understandings and methodology, there are rarely if ever reasons to extract teeth.

Small Jaw and Narrow Arch after Bicuspid Extractions - Dr Konig
Note Small Jaw and Narrow Arch after Bicuspid Extractions

Very little Tongue Space and tipped in Teeth in lower jaw - Dr Konig
Note very little Tongue Space and tipped in Teeth in lower jaw

What are some detrimental affects from extracting teeth?

    -can cause constricted airways

    -can contribute to TMJ pain and dysfunction

    -can cause aging or collapsed facial muscles

    -can lead to mouthbreathing

    -can cause tongue and swallowing issues as it makes the mouth smaller

    -gum recession

    -cervical issues

     -ear pain

Four Bicuspid Extraction: Jaw Problems and Collapsed teeth - Dr Konig
Four Bicuspid Extraction: Jaw Problems and Collapsed teeth

  Envision your garage in which your car fits nicely and is easy to get the car in and close the door.  Now make the garage smaller by moving the garage door inward.  Now there is barely room for your car to fit.  The same thing happens with extractions, when the bicuspids are extracted, the teeth are orthodontically  retracted to pull the teeth backwards making the mouth smaller and less room for your tongue. This might allow you to have straight teeth  in the wrong place in your head.

Consequently, this pushes the tongue back against the airway and often causes mouthbreathing or tongue thrust issues as well as a smaller airway.  Often times this can lead to snoring.

Facial muscle collapsing also happens and gives the appearance of a sunken face or aging face. Many times these patients feel as if their chin is too close to their nose too.

Careful planning and recognizing the causative factors that caused the abnormal jaw or facial growth issues must be considered before using jaw growth or “redevelopment appliances”. 

The use of the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance  (AGGA) is one way to develop the anterior nasal complex and upper jaw in a “forward” growth manner.  This is followed with or combined with Controlled Arch Orthodontics and FRLAs which grow the width of the jaws.  This treatment helps develop facial beauty as well as it creates more full facial characteristics, which are often found in the most beautiful people too. 

If you have any questions about  TMJ pain or Non-surgical Jaw Treatment, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, 713-668-2289

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