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Overbite refers to a bite position in which the upper row of teeth overlaps the bottom. Underbite is the opposite, with the lower arch jutting out farther than the upper. Both types of malocclusion can detract from the appearance of the smile. Both can also increase risks for uneven tooth wear and jaw irregularities – some of which may contribute to TMJ. It is possible to do non-surgical underbite and non-surgical overbite treatment.

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Treating Overbite and Underbite

One of the most common treatments for overbite and underbite is conventional orthodontics. However, conventional orthodontic treatment does not always take into consideration full facial development, the facial muscles, airway, or the jaw joints.  Many times patients are told they will have to have orthognathic surgery in conjunction with orthodontics.  There are certain options that can avoid these surgeries such as combined TMJ/ Full Face Orthodontics (Controlled Arch Orthodontics™) that helps to correct the upper and lower jaw discrepanies. This can be done, even though the prevailing old school of thought is that it cannot be changed after facial growth.

Another option for many patients is a combined bite correction and instant orthodontics approach, or what can be termed Functional Cosmetic Dentistry or even a Non-Surgical Facelift Dental Procedure. This cosmetic dentistry treatment utilizes porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and tooth bonding to correct the bite issues and, in the process, can correct several other common cosmetic and functional issues that may be detracting from the quality and strength of your smile and overall health. Overall health includes your airway, nasal, and jaw joint health as well as the teeth. The process is often completed within just a few short weeks once the bite correction is established, providing an alternate option to orthodontic care.  It is important to evaluate both options.

Overbite and shorter lower face

After Non-surgical Overbite Correction

Full mouth rejuvenation is another option for treating overbite and underbite. As with instant orthodontics, full mouth rejuvenation combines different restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry services to address multiple issues affecting the health, strength, and appearance of the face and teeth.   This most often changes the lower one third of the face and often corrects facial asymmetries.  The impacts can be truly profound for men and women struggling with several aesthetic and functional dental problems.


How Is Facial Development Orthodontics Different From Tradition Orthodontics?

Facial or jaw growth development orthodontics starts with the “big three”. This is nasal breathing, lip seal, and proper tongue posture. The reason for this is during normal growth and development of the jaws the absence of the big three can cause imbalance and disharmony within the craniofacial structures. 

Jaw Development Orthodontics, along with big three corrections, can help to correct some of these aberrant growth patterns and correct underbites, overbites, and misaligned bites in adults and children. 

Dr. Konig’s office utilizes Myofunctional Therapy to correct the big three and sometimes the Anterior Guided Growth Appliance to help develop faces to their full genetic potential. This also aids in reversing aging appearances as well as treating TMJ symptoms.


TMJ Treatment and Myofunctional Therapy

Cosmetic services for the treatment of overbite and underbite can often be complemented with TMJ treatment and Myofunctional therapy. Myofunctional therapy is a painless, multidisciplinary approach to retraining the muscles responsible for breathing, chewing, and swallowing. When used in combinations with TMJ treatments such as neuromuscular orthotics, Myofunctional therapy can help relax jaw muscles, allowing teeth to rest in their natural position and help provide long term stability.  In fact, many times TMJ treatment and myofunctional therapy are essential in these cases.

Myofunctional therapy, TMJ treatment, instant orthodontics, and full mouth rejuvenation are all options for the treatment of overbite and underbite. The best way to determine which of these is ideal for you is through, in depth evlaluation  and consultation with Dr. Konig at our welcoming and caring Houston dental office.

Learn more about underbite and overbite treatment and other myofunctional treatments in our blog!

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