Is Flossing Really Important?

Is Flossing Really Important? | Houston, Katy, Sugar LandDentists everywhere have urged patients to floss daily for decades, but is flossing actually beneficial? Some studies say the benefits of flossing may be a myth and none have proven the efficacy we’ve long associated with floss and oral hygiene. The US government dropped flossing from its dietary guidelines in 2015, but the American Dental Association still recognizes flossing as an integral part of your daily dental routine.

“As a cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, it is hard to believe that no credible studies exist that show the benefits of flossing,” said our cosmetic dentist in Houston, Dr. Konig. “However, in our practice, it seems that many other adjunct procedures such as waterpiks and softpiks have certainly made a difference to our patients. We base recommendations on the individual patient as floss may not effectively clean some areas of the teeth and roots when there is bone loss present. Overall, there does seem to be a therapeutic benefit to flossing in most patients. It will be interesting to see if updating studies prove this.”

The theory has always been that flossing daily helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and reduce gum inflammation, but as Dr. Konig said, this varies by patient. If your teeth are cramped or crowded, brushing may not sufficiently remove plaque and food particles that build up throughout your day. In this case, flossing could be beneficial, but the best way to know whether flossing can help your oral health is by scheduling a dental exam with Dr. Konig.

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