Will a Bite Adjustment Help My TMJ?


This is an email from a patient in need of care:

I have been checking few of your videos and article and felt you could be the one to fix my issues. I have pretty much all the symptoms of TMJ. Tiredness and pressure in my jaw. Difficulties to open my mouth, my jaw is shifting while opening, shoulder and neck pain, ears blocked, burning tongue…etc. I can also feel that my bite is not right and I’ve had few T-Scan done to fixe my bite but didn’t really helped. I already came once in America for a treatment called DTR Therapy but unfortunately didn’t help much. I’ve never had any accident.

Could you please let me know your process of treating TMJ?

Many thanks,


This is most common question that we get asked about TMJ pain and treatment.  It is important to understand that simply trying to balance the bite is not treating TMJ.  TMJ is multifactorial and can involve a large number of nerves, muscles, joints, ear components, and the neck as well.   DTR usually only looks at the teeth and tries to make them all meet evenly.  The problem is if the jaw joints are already compressed backwards or even shifted to one side, adjusting the bite can further compress the joints and cause more pain as well as cause more ear issues too.  This is common in overbites, orthodontically treated patients, mouthbreathers, patients with worn teeth, and even those that have had the bite adjusted.


T-Scan is a valuable tool too, however, it cannot be used to diagnose TMJ.  It can be used as an adjunct tool to ensure teeth meet together correctly once the facial alignment, neck, and joints are correctly aligned nad the muscles are in the correct physiolgic position.  More advanced T-scan technology is used with computers that also show muscle activity.


In addition to a comprehensive exam that includes head, neck, posture, airway, and facial symmetry analysis, a CBCT scan is indicated to further assess all the issues.  

In overvew, it is essential  to understand that trying adjust the bite alone, will not solve compelx TMJ problems.


If you have any questions about TMJ pain or Houston TMJ Treatment, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-248-8868

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