What Problems can Mouth Breathing and Tongue Thrust Cause?

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Mouth breathing, tongue thrusts, and tongue ties can cause a host of problems.  Below are some that many do not know and can be harmful to ones health or even treated improperly without success:

  1. Gingivitis
  2. Crowded teeth
  3. Underbites, overbites
  4. TMJ pain
  5. Difficulty breathing during dental cleanings or dental work
  6. Exagerrated gag reflexes
  7. Open bites
  8. Difficulty chewing
  9. Slow or messy eater
  10. Repeated need for Braces
  11. Braces taking 3-4 years to complete
  12.  Open mouth posture and dry mouth

Do you have any of these?  There is a high chance that you may have airway issues, an aberrant tongue swallow,  tongue ties or tongue thrust. 

Most of these can be treated non-surgically and myofunctional therapy can be used to help correct the problem not just try to work around it.  Myofunctional therapy will help retrain the tongue, allow for proper swallowing, work with breathing, and even helps with some speech issues.   In fact, in many cases myofunctional therapy is essential to be used with orthodontics and TMJ pain cases.

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