TMJ, Mouthbreathing, and Non-surgical Jaw Development

Everytime I have the opportunity to help patients with TMJ pain or sleep problems I am grateful to have the knowledge to help these patients.  There are so many kids and adults who do not function well due to not being able to breath at night.  I am encouraging you to take 2 minutes and watch Connor Deagans video that shares how important airway and breathing is to our well-being and life.

There are many non-surgical ways to correct airway, underbite and overbite issues that are causing airway problems.  Facial Jaw Development technology when properly planned and utilized takes the airway and facial beauty in consideration as well.  Sometimes myofunctional therapy, which is making sure the “Big Three” are in place.   Myofunctional therapists work with patients for proper breathing, tongue posture, and lip seal with nasal breathing to support non-surgical jaw development.

Facial Asymmetry and TMJ Pain
Facial Asymmetry and TMJ Pain

After Jaw Development and Restorative Care: Pain free
After Jaw Development and Restorative Care: Pain free

What is Non-surgical jaw development? 

 Generally speaking, non-surgical growth guidance treatment, such as AGGA, RAGGA, ALF, and Controlled Arch Orthodontics work by creating an environment where craniofacial growth can be guided back to normal.  These appliances assist biology of growth by helping to express heritable genes to allow them to express full genetic potential of each individual as opposed to what was somehow corrupted.

Midface Deficient, airway issues
Midface Deficient, airway issues

After TMJ treatment and AGGA jaw development: Pain Free
After TMJ treatment and AGGA jaw development: Pain Free

What are some characteristics of aberrant or corrupted growth?

 -facial asymmetry

-facial proportions

-mouth breathing

-open bites



If you have any questions with regards to TMJ pain, non-surgical jaw treatment, or Myofunctional therapy, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA,  713-668-2289.


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