There are several non-surgical  jaw development options to correct underdeveloped and asymmetrical faces.  The options depend on what has caused the asymmetry.  Some causes of asymmetry are mouthbreathing, neck issues, postural issues, trauma, TMJ dysfunction, bad bites, chewing on one side, skeletal issues and others.

This is a case that was corrected non-surgically:

Once the cause is determined, a treatment plan to correct the cause and realign and re-develop the jaw and neck can be implemented.  There are a few cases that may need surgery but very few.

A thorough  exam, along with a 3D scan or CBCT taken in our office, allows us see what is happening with airway and facial bones and jaw joints to see which options may help.

Diagram Showing the Bite and Facial Asymmetry

3D image showing facial asymmetry

A brief outline of how these cases are sometimes approached:

1) First concern, relief of TMJ symptoms and neck symptoms if they are present, ULF-TENS, Nu-calm, stretches, and other protocols are often used

2) Bite Stabilization: often a fixed orthotic that looks and feels like your teeth is used to realign the facial muscles and jaw joints reversibly

3)  Long term stabilization:  There are several ways to make the bite corrections permanent.  A few are:

         –Non-surgical jaw development

         -paritial porcelain reconstruction

          –full porcelain reconstuction

  All of these are non-surgical bite correction methods and conservative.

If you have any questions regarding Houston TMJ Treatment, Facial Asymmetry, or Non-surgical jaw bite correction, plase feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289.



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