I Have Tetracycline Stains, How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

There are often several options when it comes to whitening ones teeth.  The smile is one of the first things people notice and is why people notice so quickly that piece of food stuck between two teeth.   Cosmetic Dentists can fix a myriad of minor imperfections utilizing procedures from bleaching teeth, artistic re-contouring, or even a few natural tooth colored fillings. These are relatively inexpensive procedures.

Tetracycline Stained Teeth

Porcelain Veneers Create a Beautiful Smile

What is Tetracycline Stained Teeth?

If you have tetracycline stained teeth, which is darkening of the teeth from taking the antibiotic when you were young, your teeth may have grayish bands on your teeth, some of more simple cosmetic dental options will not work.  To achieve a beautiful white smile, most of the time porcelain veneers are the option. Veneers are thin beautiful artistically and custom designed porcelain pieces placed over your teeth.  These are designed to mask the stained teeth and are also used to create a more symmetrical smile.

How can I fix Tetracycline Stains?

Many patients with tetracycline stains have tried multiple bleaching or whitening methods, which do not work on these types of cases.  Patients are often concerned with doing porcelain veneers as they have heard you have to grind your teeth down to do veneers.  This is not entirely true:  

Dr Konig explains,” With the advent of newer porcelains that are stronger and thinner, most often non-prep veneers or minimal prep veneers will work beautifully and still allow us to design and create artistic and natural smiles.”

Veneers are more expensive than whitening procedures, which can always be tried first.
Most of our patients with tetracycline stained teeth have already tried whitening methods, which did not work and are looking for other options. In these cases, porcelain veneers are really the only way to get rid of these discolored teeth and create a beautiful smile.  

If you have any questions about Houston Porcelain Veneers or Houston Cosmetic Dentistry, please feel free to call our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, 713-668-2289.

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