Sleep Apnea/Snoring is a Dangerous Medical Issue

More and more evidence points to medical health problems that are caused by snoring and sleep apnea. Most recently, Danny Gans, a famous entertainer died from sleep apnea and CNS medication.

Even though some people think it is funny, snoring is pathological. Sleep apnea is linked to depression, heart attacks, strokes, gastric acid reflux, high blood pressure, and many more medical problems.

Additionally, sleep apnea cause weight gain and prevents weight loss by the change in hormones that the lack of sleep causes. It can also cause memory loss as well.

Controlling sleep apnea is extremely important to your overall health and well-being. Sleep studies are very accurate in helping to diagnose these problems and CPAP machines have been used to treat patients. However, many patients cannot tolerate CPAPs as they are not comfortable.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the use of CPAP machines for many patients.
The FDA has approved the use of properly fabricated and adjusted “mandibular advancement devices” which can be made by dentists trained in this area. These dental appliances for sleep apnea help to keep the airway open and are much more comfortable and less invasive than the CPAP machines.

It is essential that any dentist working with sleep apnea patients makes sure the patient’s have some type of sleep study before and after placing the appliances. To make a device without these can be likened to giving a patient blood pressure medications without checking the blood pressure. Once the appliances are placed, they should be adjusted with the use of home monitors to ensure that the patients are breathing properly without apneas.

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