Houston TMJ Dentist: TMJ and Migraines

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Houston TMJ Dentist, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, discusses an article by an expert in migraines. In general this article says the only way to control migraines is with medications and the hope is to reduce the intensity and/or frequency. It would benefit the readers for the article to include some causes of migraines so that not everyone things and winds up being on medicine. Many times when the medical profession has ruled out other factors, the patients often have TMD issues that can cause migraines. Medicine is not necessary in this situation. In fact, in our office, we work closely with many Medical Doctors who have learned to recognize this TMD causative factor and often refer to our office to rule out or treat the migraines. It is truly rewarding to be able to help and change the quality of life for so many patients as well as get them off medications that only help fractionally. I am not saying that medications are not necessary, as they are in many cases, but that so many patients we see are unnecessarily on medications which do nothing to treat the cause of the problem.

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