Does Tooth Whitening Hurt?

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Tooth Whitening and Sensitivity CTA for Dr. Konig

One of the biggest downsides to teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Some methods, like store-bought kits, are more likely to result in sensitivity because they are relatively poor at controlling solution seepage. Lower quality over-the-counter solutions can exacerbate this sensitivity and may event produce long-term discomfort in some patients.

In-office teeth whitening is not always better. Some products and processes enhance results at the expense of patient comfort, producing increased sensitivity that may last for a few days post-treatment. This can be a deterrent, especially for people with sensitive teeth, to considering this simple and effective cosmetic treatment.

At the Houston office of Dr. Ronald Konig, we utilize the Zoom! system by Phillips for in-office teeth whitening. Because it is applied to your teeth in our office, precise control over the amount of solution used and in which locations can be exercised. This helps improve consistency while greatly reducing risks of sensitivity.

The LED light used to activate the ingredients in Zoom! is heatless and will not cause any discomfort. What’s more, to protect against sensitivity brought about by the safe but powerful ingredients in Zoom!, a protective and sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel is applied to the teeth before whitening begins.

In-office whitening is the fastest way to brighten your smile, but it is not the right option for every patient. Dr. Konig will work directly with you to help you determine which options will be best for your needs.

At-Home Whitening

At-home whitening does not have to be messy, nor does it have to be done with lower-quality over-the-counter bleaching options. We offer the KoR Whitening system for safe and effective teeth whitening at home. With this option, customized application trays work to significantly reduce instances of solution seepage, helping to protect sensitive soft tissue. KoR desensitizer can be used in combination with the bleaching solution as needed to further protect against discomfort.

With both in-office and take-home options from Dr. Konig, your teeth whitening procedure will be overseen by an experienced cosmetic dentist who can answer questions and address concerns as they arise. By and large, teeth whitening is a painless process, but working with a trusted cosmetic dentist is a good way to make sure it is both the correct and the safest method for you to reach your aesthetic goals.

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