Facial Asymmetry and Jaw Misalignment Can be Treated Non-surgically

There are numerous articles about overbite and underbite correction online, both  Surgical and Non-surgical. It is important patient’s understand their options as well as address the causes of misaligned jaws and bites. Non-surgical overbite/underbite correction can often be accomplished with Functional growth appliances and special type of orthodontics called Controlled Arch Orthodontics and other times with porcelain.  Regardless, many factors need to be addressed comprehensively:             

         1) Facial symmetry 

         2) TMJ pain or position

         3) Neck posture 

         4) Airway and mouthbreathing  

         5) Tongue posture and function

         6) Sleep apnea or snoring         

Traditional orthodontic treatment is limited in its approaches and most improvements have been in ways to straighten teeth.  It is extremely important to know that orthodontics and restorative dentistry can be approached differently to solve many bad bite issues as well as jaw size issues. Contrary to belief from years old orthodontic teachings, the jaw and facial structures can be corrected in adulthood as well as childhood. Many orthodontic techniques only straighten teeth.  No or minimal consideration is given for facial beauty, TMJ, airway, and tongue space.

Whether the issue is purely a cosmetic or involving TMJ pain and health issues, there are advanced non-surgical methods that can dramatically improve and correct jaw misalignment. Headaches, jaw pain, and even sleep apnea can be effectively treated with proper systems and evaluations.  The same applies for cosmetic cases to essentially provide a non-surgical facelift to the face.

Braces should only be part of the treatment and are limited to what they can do.  Sometimes teeth are straightened and placed in the wrong place in the face, this alters the jaw size, tongue space and facial profiles often leading to sunken faces, aging appearance, flattened lips and faces.  This in turn can sometimes lead to compromised airway space, TMJ pain, and facial pain and worn teeth. Cramping the airway space can also lead to forward head posture that can cause neck pain and poor posture. This is the chain reaction that begins to unfold.

In this photo, this young lady had a lower tooth removed and the lower jaw spaces closed with braces, causing this overbite.  The adjacent photo shows her facial profile with her overbite corrected with her fixed orthotic or jaw repositioning appliance.   Notice the improved lip composure which also allows her proper lip seal and better breathing as well as her headaches and TMJ pain have been resolved.  The use of conventional braces or Invsialgin will not solve these issues.

Overbite causing open lip posture and poor breathing
Overbite causing open lip posture and poor breathing

Corrected Overbite and TMJ issues with Fixed Orthotic
Corrected Overbite and TMJ issues with Fixed Orthotic

This photo shows a patient was treated non-surgically for his overbite and facial asymmetry.  Note the significant improvement in symmetry.  His jaw pain and neck pain have also been resolved.  Once the correct bite position was ascertained and the pain resolved an Anterior Guided Growth Appliance was also used in this case to develop the upper jaw growth which was deficient.  This also opens up the airway allowing for easier breathing and health.

Facial Asymmetry and TMJ Pain. Note Jaw shifted to the left
Facial Asymmetry and TMJ Pain. Note Jaw shifted to the left

After TMJ Treatment and AGGA: note the facial symmetry  and no surgery needed
After TMJ Treatment and AGGA: note the facial symmetry 
and no surgery needed

The photo below shows how porcelain was used to correct a deep overbite that caused an aged and sunken facial appearance. Her facial, neck, and TMJ pain have also been resolved.

Overbite causing sunken face and TMJ issues
Overbite causing sunken face and TMJ issues

Non-surgical facelift to correct overbite and sunken facial  features and TMJ pain
Non-surgical facelift to correct overbite and sunken facial 
features and TMJ pain


As one can see there are multiple ways to treat these types of issues. Each case has been treated non-surgically for bite and facial alignment..  On point to consider is that it most dental treatment only looks at the teeth.  One can have what dentists call a perfect Class 1 bite and still have TMJ Pain and TMJ issues.   The reason being is  the teeth can be in the wrong place in the face due to the jaw being in the incorrect position. 

If you have any questions about Houston TMJ Pain or Overbite/Underbite Correction, please feel free to call our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, 713-668-2289.

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