Do I have to do 10 Porcelain Veneers to Change My Smile?

What does it take to change a smile?  When considering cosmetic dentistry, this should be dependent on what the patient’s desires are and not what the dentist wants to see.    Is it necessary to do 10 porcelain veneers to change a smile, absolutely not.   There are many options available to correct smiles.


Case #1  Chipped/worn front teeth

This lady was most unhappy with her four front teeth, the shade did not bother her, she simply wanted to be able to smile again with confidence.  It had been recommended to her to do 8 porcelain veneers.  After discussing this with her, 4 veneers was the treatment of choice.  These veneers were custom shaded and contoured to blend in with the adjacent teeth. Note how the texture and luster was also created to seamlessly work with her natural teeth.

Chipped and worn front teeth before porcelain veneers procedure.
Before: Worn and chipped front teeth
Front teeth after porcelain veneers procedure.
After: Custom Shaded Porcelain Veneers on front four teeth.
Worn & chipped teeth before custom shaded veneers procedure.
Before: Worn and chipped front teeth
Teeth after custom shaded veneers procedure.
After: Custom Shaded Veneers on front 4 teeth

Case #2  This gentleman presented with concerns about the shape of his teeth and the spaces on the lateral incisors.  Once again, porcelain veneers had been recommended.  Listening to his concerns, he really liked his teeth just wanted the space closed and less pointy teeth. After discussion, our suggested treatment was artistic reshaping  of  the front six teeth, then bonded the lateral to close the space.  Result: elated patient

Long, pointy, and uneven front teeth.
Before: Long pointy cuspids, uneven front teeth, spacing on lateral incisors
Formerly Long, pointy, and uneven front teeth fixed after Artistic Recontouring.
After: Artistic Recontouring of front 8 teeth, note softer and more even smile

Case #3  This young lady had 4 porcelain veneers recently placed elsewhere on her front four teeth.  She was never really happy and felt all you saw were these 4 teeth.  She also wanted a more fuller smile.  Although it would have been better to redo the front four and add two more veneers on each side, she really did not wish to redo what she just had done.  Treatment of choice, add two more veneers on each side. Results: happy patient who is having a wedding soon with a beautiful smile.

Narrow smile and un-proportional teeth
Before: Narrow Smile due to un-proportional front four teeth
Veneers on side teeth that gives a beautiful smile.
After: 2 veneers on the side teeth to widen the smile and create balance and full smile

Case #4  This lady had TMJ pain and an overbite.  She was unhappy with her facial appearance and aging face and aging smile.  Bite management treatment to eliminate her pain was utilized followed by a full mouth makeover which not only created beautiful esthetics but also changed the lower one third of her face!  This is often called a non-surgical facelift in the dental office.  Results: a pain free patient with a beautiful smile and more youthful appearance!

Teeth with overbite and TMJ pain.
Before: pt had an overbite and TMJ pain
Teeth with full smile makeover to fix overbite. No more TMJ pain.
After: Full smile makeover and non-surgical facelift after correcting her bite, no more TMJ pain

If you have any questions regarding Houston Cosmetic Dentistry or Houston TMJ treatment, please feel free to contact us at Ronald W. Konig DDS,FAGD,LVIF, 713-668-2289.




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