Surprising Effects of TMJ

Old,Man,With,Toothache.,Elderly,Senior,Man,Has,Toothache.,Unhappy TMJ can cause many unexpected effects, like facial asymmetry, chronic headaches, and even speech impairments. As a TMJ specialist, Dr. Robert W. Konig helps patients in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas find relief and correct the effects of TMJ on their lives and appearance.

Read on to learn more about how TMJ or TMD can affect your life, and reach out to our team to schedule an appointment if you are interested in personalized treatment.

TMJ Facial Distortion

Also known as TMJ facial asymmetry, this condition develops when temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes one side of the face to be higher than the other. When the jaw becomes tilted, imbalance can continue to affect posture, altering the position of the spine, shoulders, and hips.

Jaw muscle tension can also lead to TMJ facial distortion. When the muscles on one side of the face work harder than those on the other side, they become larger. The resulting size difference can cause a person’s face to appear imbalanced.

TMJ Headaches

A TMJ headache is one of the most common symptoms patients have, but many do not realize their migraines are coming from their jaw. The resultant pain can also lead to vertigo, ear pain, and dizziness. ‘

Living with chronic headaches from TMJ can impact everything from your work life to your sleep. Working with a TMJ specialist can diagnose the underlying issue and help you find lasting relief.

TMJ Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women who previously never had issues with their jaw find themselves struggling with cracking, popping, and pain during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can cause TMJ in pregnancy — higher estrogen levels increase joint laxity (looseness), as well as inflammation around the TMJ area.

Treatment Options Made for You

Dr. Konig uses various approaches to treat TMJ, such as a TMJ split, TMJ overbite correction, heat and cold therapy, physical therapy, low-frequency TENS, and iontophoresis (medication administered through electric current).

As an esteemed and experienced practitioner, he can provide the level of expertise needed to treat even the most severe TMJ symptoms.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms with a caring, skilled TMJ specialist in Houston, TX, please contact our office online or call us at 713-668-2289.

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