Can Bite Correction Help Headaches and Neck Pain?

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Many patients have seen multiple physicians and other medical practitioners seeking relief for headaches, earaches, and jaw pain to no avail. Often medications are prescribed that make patients drowsy.  Additionally, poor sleep and snoring are often symptoms as well as TMJ pain. The importance of an aligned bite and facial muscle tone for health and beauty is essential for long term results.

This patient presented with the following symptoms and came in seeking health:


*Neck Pain

*Shoulder Pain


Before Treatment: Note retruded chin 

Notice Changes in Facial Muscles and Wider smile

Bite correction with a fixed orthotic using physiologic dentistry and computerized analysis was utilized to ascertain unraveling of these symptoms.  Once the bite has been corrected or optimized and the patients feel better, the long-term porcelain changes can be completed.

Before, with misalgined bite

After Bite Correction

This case is a non-surgical facelift for purposes of creating comfort and pain relief.  The photos show the before misaligned bite which was then corrected with porcelain for comfort and esthetics.

Treatment considerations involved working with jaw joints for TMJ, cervical, airway, and bite.  The photos show how a bad bite misalignment can be corrected for function and esthetics.  Notice how the porcelain has changed the profile as well as lower one third of the face.

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