A Crystal Ball Into the Future?

Statistics show that more than 70 percent of adults in America are missing one or more teeth. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? While losing a tooth may not seem like that big of an issue for some, the fact of the matter is that missing a tooth has serious implications. These effects may not appear immediately evident, but as you get older, missing teeth cause more and more problems. Dr. Ron Konig can help prevent future issues with dental implants.

The Complications of Missing Teeth

One of the biggest problems related to tooth loss occurs over time – specifically, maintaining a healthy diet after tooth loss as you get older.

A recent article published in the Washington Post revealed that the diets of many American seniors (over the age of 65) seriously lack fruits, vegetables, healthy dairy products, whole grains and heart-healthy oils.

What the study found was that many seniors are missing teeth, and as a result they can’t chew crunchy, hard or tough vegetables, fruits or meats. In fact, many of these individuals have a hard time chewing at all, which has them making softer – but nutrient-deficient – food choices.

These foods are often high in sodium and sugar. They are frequently high-calorie, processed or refined.

Beyond the Mouth

As you can imagine, eating fast food, high-calorie food and processed food for sustained periods has negative implications for the body far beyond the mouth. These implications include heart disease, increased risk of viral and bacterial infections, loss of muscle tone, and diabetes.

In addition to health issues, missing a tooth or teeth can affect speech and articulation issues, which can cause feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Missing teeth can also change an individual’s physical appearance and cause premature aging or sagging of the face and skin.

Another Oral Health Issue Among Older Populations

In addition to losing teeth, some seniors struggle with the pain of periodontal (gum) disease. This causes discomfort, redness and irritation, and bleeding and swelling of the gum tissue. This can make chewing and eating difficult and painful, which also contributes to overall health issues.

Choose Dental Implants

Want to reduce the risk of malnutrition and health complications related to losing a tooth? We suggest dental implants. Why? Dental implants are ideal because they look, feel and function like natural teeth. Which means you can bite and chew with confidence.

Dental implants are an excellent option because they are durable; they are made of robust porcelain placed on a titanium screw that fuses into the jaw bone over time.

The best part of dental implants is that they are long-lasting when you practice good oral hygiene.

Learn more about the benefits of dental implants by calling Dr. Konig’s office today for more information or to schedule an appointment. Call 713-668-2289 to schedule a consultation.

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