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Dental work can be intimidating. If you suffer from malocclusion, broken, or missing teeth, the journey to a new smile may feel out of reach. When the road to recovery is long, the sheer number of steps ahead can be daunting. Appointments and procedures can turn into giant monoliths blocking the way to your dental transformation. Frequent visits to the oral surgeon can get expensive. 

Not to be confused with short-sighted, trouble-laden traditional dentures, Teeth in a Day or dental implant bridges are a non-removable, long-term solution. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill dentures. Teeth in a Day are teeth affixed to your mouth that function like natural teeth and don’t move around in your mouth. Say no more to leaving your “teeth” sit out overnight and no more to denture sores. 

Who’s Not Right For Teeth in a Day?

Certain preexisting health conditions or behavioral factors can affect the body’s ability to heal. Therefore, the following may affect your candidacy for Teeth in a Day:

  • Smoking People who smoke are unfortunately not great candidates for dental implants, although they could probably benefit the most from them. Smoking can severely affect your mouth’s ability to heal following dental surgery because it inhibits the body’s ability to deliver necessary nutrients to wound sites.
  • Untreated Diabetes Diabetes affects your blood’s ability to flow freely to surgical sites. This obstacle to healing can often result in longer recovery times. Because blood sugar levels can get out of control if left untreated, the patient can stand a higher risk of infection following surgery.
  • Cancer It should come as no surprise that cancer ravishes your immune system. Your body’s defenses are preoccupied with fighting bigger battles somewhere else, leaving the rest of your body vulnerable. Infection risk is a major prohibiting factor when considering surgery. 
  • Taking Certain Medications We’ve all seen the commercials, medications resulting in numerous adverse side-effects. Many of these side-effects can have severe consequences for post-operative recovery. From increasing the risk of infection to reducing your body’s ability to heal, medication can have an enormous impact on your recovery schedule.

Benefits to Teeth in a Day

If you’re considering dental implants, you can find comfort in knowing that Teeth in a Day really are teeth in a day. You can walk into our practice and walk out with a brand new set of teeth. The Teeth in a Day procedure doesn’t require bone grafts and doesn’t involve any of the hassles of traditional dentures.

For A Brand New Smile, Call Dr. Konig

A great smile can shift your entire perception of your appearance. Smiles affect the way people see you and can impact what they think about you. If you’re ready to give up your old dentures or to fill in the space where your smile used to be, Dr. Konig’s Teeth in a Day is an excellent option for you. Call the Konig Center today at 713-668-2289 to schedule your appointment.

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