Tourettes Syndrome and TMJ?

Tourette’s syndrome has been a mystery to the medical profession and numerous remedies and medications have been tried in an attempt to treat this.  Numerous theories as to its etiology have been proposed.  What was not considered is if Tourette’s was due to a structural disorder. Without  going further into the scientific and medical issues of Tourette’s, it is most encouraging to know that many cases of cervical Tourette’s can be treated without medications and that the underlying cause is often an abnormal upper to lower jaw relationship..  in other words it is a TMJ problem.

Using CBCT scans to evalaute both jaw joints and neck, and determining if a repositioning appliance to place the mandible in a healthier physiologic relationship with the joint and the rest of the head allows decompressing of the auriculotemporal nerve and eliminates bad input to the 5th cranial nerve.  Dr. Brendan Stack has been instrumental in leading the way towards understanding how TMJ dentists can help these patients and he has published some research articles discussing this treatment and his results.  One such article, is in Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.

I have personally been following his articles and methodology to help patients and find that this could very well help many patients and help change their lives.

If you have any questions regarding Houston TMJ or TMj Houston, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS,FAGD, LVIF,


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