The Art of Porcelain Veneer Design: Different Veneers for Different Patients

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Porcelain Veneers should be designed invidually for patients.  This is the responsibilty of the cosmetic dentist and is an art and science.  Masculine smiles should look different than feminine smiles.  Patients who desire naturally appearance should differ from those who want Hollywood White Smile. 

No two smiles should be the same,  true cosmetic dentistry is an artform.... Dr. Konig

These photos represent a wide range of smiles that exemplies the true art of smile design and veneers:

Love this Masculine look on this gentleman:  more square and prominent texture and anatomy


Masculine Smile

Beautiful Feminine Porcelain Veneers with more Rounded edges 
and natural embrasure spaces between the Veneers

Very natural layering of porcelain shades with translucency: Natural and Beautiful Smile


This was a tall patient and note the natural and white appearance with slightly more rounded edges 

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