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Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Sagging facial tissues, lines and wrinkles, and drooping around your nose and mouth? Considering a surgical face-lift but dreading the cutting, stretching and repositioning of the skin and other tissues that come along with such an invasive procedure? Don’t want to deal with the downtime and pain afterward, either? You’re definitely not alone, but you’re not out of options.

One option is a nonsurgical face-lift. Skeptical? Don’t be! Dr. Ron Konig can help rejuvenate your appearance by restoring your underlying structures. The result is a more youthful appearance for you!

One Reason for Premature Aging

Many people have undersized or misshapen upper or lower jaws. This situation occurs when growth is interrupted – either by genetics or as a result of things like tooth loss, crooked or crowded teeth, or injury.

When the jaws are affected, and growth is interrupted, the result is midface deficiency and, over time, loose skin and premature aging.

How Nonsurgical Face-Lifts Work

Our nonsurgical face-lift is also known as neuromuscular orthodontics. This approach works to balance the nerves and muscles of the jaw and midface to restore your youthful appearance by putting your teeth and jawbone into a more natural position. By remodeling the bone and tissues below, your mid-face area can be expanded to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result, and once-sagging skin will be smoothed out.

Treating malformed or undersized jaws can also help to change the appearance of the chin and nose, making them look more in proportion with the rest of your face.

Our approach can also help to give you a better-defined jawline and also improve the appearance of sagging jowls or “turkey neck.”

Why Not Plastic Surgery?

Why choose a non-surgical, neuromuscular approach? For a few reasons, such as no painful surgery, no need for anesthesia and no weeks of recovery. Using Dr. Konig’s neuromuscular approach allows for more understanding between bones, muscles, teeth and nerves, which is critical to restoring the proper harmony with your facial tissues. It is also the key to rejuvenating your appearance and giving you back a youthful look.

Dr. Konig would love to help you achieve a healthy, attractive smile and address midface deficiency and jaw issues. Do you want to learn more about our nonsurgical face-lift procedures? Give us a call today at 713-668-2289 to schedule a consultation.

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