Sadly Unknown Cause of Many Headaches

The Sadly Unknown Cause of Many Headaches

This title states it all. This afternoon , a new patient came in complaining of headaches, limited opening of her jaw, pain, and clicking of her jaw. She had been to several doctors, her dentist, and finally her physical therapist who suggested perhaps she had TMD (temporal mandibular joint dysfunction). This had been going on for over a year and no one correctly diagnosed or referred

her to the appropriate care. This happens everyday. The message is clear, after medical problems are ruled out, referrals to those who specialize in TMJ is indicated and education of doctors in regards to TMJ dysfunction is essential if our patients are to be helped. Whereas there are many who understand the role that TMJ plays in patients overall health.

With the patient above, some of the symptoms were obvious. However, many times we see patients who have no obvious symptoms and TMJ is still the culprit. In retrospect, further education about this problem in the medical field is essential and recognition among medical insurance is necessary to help these patients.

If you have any questions with regards to TMJ, please feel free to call Dr. Ronald Konigs office,

713-668-2289 as they welcome your questions and concerns.

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