Houston TMD Dentist: How TMD and Neck are Related

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Houston TMJ Dentist, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, explains that quite often TMD or TMJ problems will also lead to neck issues. In most cases, we will see some loss of normal lordosis, which is the normal curvature of the neck. This often results from forward head posture. In fact, it has been proven the greater the forward head problem, the greater the disability. This CBCT shows a patient with forward head posture and the affect it has on the loss of the neck curvature. The loss of lordosis strains the head and neck muscles and can cause pain and overworked muscles as well as degeneration of the spine.

TMJ Patient with Forward Head Posture

Truly, you cannot not separate the head/neck and failure to recognize postural issues that are associated with the TMJ and neck or rather the “craniocervical-mandibular” dysfunction can lead to less than optimal treatment and resolution.

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