Headaches and TMJ Headaches

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Headaches and TMJ Headaches are a very common complaint for many patients and a large percentage of our TMJ patients found our office by looking for headache relief.  These patients were not aware that they had TMJ problems that were causing their pain.  There are many different ways that TMJ dysfunction can cause headaches.  Some patients have degeneration in their joints which in turn causes muscle tension. Others have bad bites that places abnormal strain on the muscles which causes muscle tension and in turn  headaches as well. As human beings, we have to eat, swallow , and speak in which our teeth come together over 2500 times a day.  If our teeth are in a position that strains these muscles and damages the joints headaches can and do occur. In most TMJ cases, either the joints, teeth, or muscles pay the price. By this I mean the joints become damaged, or the teeth wear down or there is muscle pain and many times headaches. If you have questions about TMJ Houston or Headaches, Houston please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF  713-668-2289