Facial Corrections with Functional Cosmetic Dentistry™

Facial Corrections with Functional Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients are unaware cosmetic dentistry alone will not correct TMJ issues, poor profiles, aging appearance, a short lower 1/3 of the face, or even changes in chin appearance.  Simply placing porcelain veneers can enhance the smile but not correct some of these problems.

In this case note the changes in this ladies facial muscles, Her initial concern was TMJ pain, not seeing enough upper teeth when smiling, and her face was changing and becoming asymetrical. Functional Cosmetic Dentistry® techniques were utilized to correct and restore her face to a better physiologic bite and improve her smile as well.  You will note that you can see more teeth when she smiles as well and there are beautiful facial muscle tones.


In essence, her bite caused mid facial collapse and loss of correct facial harmony.

 Functional Cosmetic Dentistry™ takes into consideration all these factors and evaluates facial muscles, TMJ, and ones profiles and how the teeth fit together. The photos below demonstrates how the muscle tone was improved with the bite correction giving a more youthful and beautiful appearance that extends beyond the teeth.

” Patients are not aware that their bites may be causing an aging appearance, headaches, and even poor profiles.  There are advanced functional cosmetic dentistry ™methods that helps with all these results.   “

Many patients have been advised the only way to fix these issues is oral maxillofacial surgery  and braces for several years.  There are some cases in which this might be indicated, however, with advanced methodology this scenario can most often be avoided.  Non-surgical facial correction has numerous benefits.

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