Can Dental Implants also be Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry is a broad term.  In fact almost all dentistry should be planned and considered with the cosmetic perspective as the endpoint.  Two things need to be considered with Dental Implants:

1) Function

2) Cosmetics

dental implants as cosmetic dental procedures                                   

This case shows what Functional Cosmetic Dentistry®­ is and how proper planning and strategic placement of dental implants can allow true function and esthetics.  Notice how the soft tissue is healthy and natural around the implants.  Additionally, notice how the shade, texture, luster, and contours of the implant crown blend in with the other teeth for a beautiful and functional smile! Additionally, there is symmetry on both sides of the smile.  If implants are improperly placed, this is not always possible.  

In overview, dental implants can be utilized to replace missing teeth and create beautiful and functional smiles.

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