6 Reasons For Teeth Pain

A man is experiencing teeth pain.

There are many reasons why teeth hurt. Tooth pain can result from a cavity, stress, underlying jaw conditions, or a sinus infection. Moreover, 22 percentof adults experience jaw or teeth pain within the past six months. We've all eaten ice cream or taken a bite out of a popsicle and felt pain from the cold temperature, but there are causes of tooth pain that might be more serious.

What is Causing My Teeth Pain?

Besides the everyday occurrences of accidentally biting down too hard or taking a bite of freezing ice cream, teeth pain can be caused by:

  1. Cavities
  2. Congestion
  3. Jaw clenching and grinding
  4. TMJ
  5. Teeth Whitening
  6. Vitamin deficiencies

Cavities are painful. Teeth pain from cavities hinders a person's daily activity. Cavities can prevent an individual from exercising, eating, or talking. A dental procedure will be required to treat cavities.

Congestion or stuffy sinuses can also contribute to an individual's teeth hurting. Pressure from sinuses can press down on back teeth making people experience pain in their back teeth as one is chewing or talking.

Jaw Clenching and grinding, or bruxism, can result from stress, or it can be a symptom of TMJ. To test if the dental pain one is experiencing is from stress or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), speak with a dentist specializing in TMJ treatment.

In addition to TMJ, one may experience dental pain or sensitivity after a teeth whitening procedure. At-home teeth whitening kits and some in-office kits can cause teeth sensitivity due to the chemical used and the mouth guard improperly conforming to a person's teeth. If one is considering teeth whitening, consult with an expert.

Vitamin deficiencies such as a lack of vitamin D or calcium can weaken or cause brittle teeth that easily chip or crack. A contributor to periodontitis is a deficiency in vitamin B12. Symptoms of a vitamin deficiency could be toothaches. As vitamins and minerals are essential for dental health, one should ensure they take the proper amount daily. If one has concerns about their dental pain, communicating these concerns with a dentist is the first step in finding relief from dental pain.

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