How Dr. Konig Transformed Michael’s Smile

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How Dr. Konig Transformed Michael's Smile

Hi Michael. Can you tell us a little bit about your story and what brought you to our office?

Well I've been looking to do something with my teeth for quite some time. I had braces back in my 30's and forgot to wear my retainer, so everything went back to where it started. Right. Um, I wasn't very happy with them and hadn't been for years. I decided I was going to spend the money and get my teeth to look the way I want them. And I came here and you guys were just awesome. Just like a family here.

Thank you.

I was very well taken care of, directed all the way through on what to expect and it's just been a great experience and I am so happy with my teeth.

And tell me a little bit about why that's important to you. You said it had something to do with what you do during the day and why it's important to you.

Yeah I'm you know, out in public everyday. I'm in sales, I'm a broker and I talk to people all the time. And so to have a nice smile to me gives me more confidence and I feel better about myself. And of course people like to see a pretty smile anyway. So that's what I want to do is just give myself more confidence and feel better about myself.

Well your smile sure looks great.

I'm very proud of it.

I'm glad you're happy with it. And how does it feel? Your bite and everything feels comfortable?

Everything is fantastic. And I have decided that I have flossed these teeth more than I've ever flossed my teeth in my whole life combined.

Well that's certainly a plus.

It's just a pleasure to do it. I wake up and I look at them and say I have to take care of these.

Well they look great and we have enjoyed seeing you in the office and thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you.

Thanks Michael.

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