SomnoMed MAS™ Questions

The SomnoMed MAS™ is only worn at night. The SomnoMed MAS™ is unique in that, unlike other oral appliances, it allows you to close your lips, so no one need know you are wearing it.

You won’t find a more comfortable MAS. Why? Because it is custom-made to fit your mouth and it does not impinge on your tongue. You can open and close your mouth normally.

Yes. The SomnoMed MAS™ offers a one year warranty against breakage and manufacturing defects, which means you can have full confidence in the product.

Patients with dental crowns or bridges can be successfully fitted with the SomnoMed MAS™. Adjustments are made in the appliance to ensure that fragile crowns and bridges are not harmed. Patients with partial dentures may be successfully fitted with the SomnoMed MAS™ as long as there are enough teeth to anchor the device. Ask your dentist if you are dentally appropriate for the SomnoMed MAS™.

Dr. Konig will thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth and may use X-rays to confirm your oral health status, as well as ensuring that you are dentally appropriate for the device. Dental impressions are required to fabricate a SomnoMed MAS™. They are taken, and sent to our laboratory where the appliance is made. Once custom made for you, the appliance will be inserted by a Dentist who will show you how to insert and remove it yourself, as well as how to clean and care for it.

One of the major advances offered by the SomnoMed MAS™ is improved patient compliance. The ability to freely open the mouth, speak, and drink with the device fitted, is a big step forward in this type of medical treatment.

  • 96% of patients with proven OSA stated they would like to continue to use the SomnoMed MAS™
  • 91% of patients reported substantial improvement in sleep quality with the SomnoMed MAS™
  • 87.5% of patients reported nightly use of the SomnoMed MAS™


If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, seek treatment right away. The Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry in Houston, Texas, has helped many sleep apnea patients get back to normal, restful sleep with a variety of treatment options. Please contact Dr. Konig today by calling 713-668-2289 for a private consultation. We are pleased to serve patients in and around Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land and surrounding areas.

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