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"Thank you Dr. Konig, You've Changed My Life" - Julia, a longtime patient of Dr. Konig's Houston dental practice, says that she can finally smile again and sleep through the night without grinding her teeth anymore. This patient suffered severe migraines for most of her life before seeking TMJ treatment from Dr. Konig. With a new smile and a new outlook on life, our patient is proud to recommend Dr. Konig's TMJ dentistry services to other patients in the Houston area. Thank you for your kind words, Julia!

Video Transcript

Relief from Teeth Grinding & Migraine Headaches After Treatment with Dr Konig

My name is Julia Nichols.  And I came to Dr. Konig, gosh I want to say 8 years ago or so? Um, suffering from horrific migraines. I had been a tooth grinder my whole life. I ground my teeth down to almost nothing. And I really came to him for migraines, and I saw that he specialized in problems with the jaw and I knew I always had trouble with it. And he worked with me for several years helping me adjust my bite and figure out where my bite was even supposed to be. Because even we didn't know I was born with just strange teeth. And after months and months of work and planning, we finally got to pull the trigger and do a full-mouth reconstruction.

I worked very closely with another dentist that helped me with some problems I had with my bone structure and things like that. And finally for my 50th birthday, I can smile in front of a camera next to my beautiful husband and his beautiful family with their perfect teeth and I actually look like I belong in the Nichols family. And the best thing about it was, the first night, the first morning I woke up after having the teeth done, my husband rolls over in bed next to me that morning and gives me a big kiss on the cheek and says, good morning sunshine. I'm like, you've never kissed me in the morning and said, good morning sunshine before. And he said yeah, but you didn't grind your teeth last night. He said the first time in 15 years, I got a good night sleep. So thank you Dr. Konig, you've changed my life.

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