Overbite Correction Without Surgery

Overbites can be corrected without surgery and also without years of braces.  Overbite cases often involve:

  1. TMJ pain
  2. Aging appearance
  3. Headaches
  4. Worn teeth
  5. Sagging facial muscles
  6. Retrognathic chin

Deep overbite, causing sagging facial muscles and broken teeth, and the front teeth were mobile, others recommended extracting them

Non-surgical overbite correction: Also enhanced patients face, essentially a non-surgical facelift with dental care

Simply reconstructing the teeth will not correct these issues.  In fact, why would someone restore teeth to the same place they are causing problems? 

There are two non-surgical ways to correct overbites: the first is to find the correct physiologic bite and “test drive” this bite with a fixed orthotic before any treatment is completed.  Once the fixed orthotic position has been ascertained as stable and esthetically correct for the facial muscles, lips, and vertical then the choices are to conservatively restore the teeth to this position. The second is to use growth appliances to develop the jaws and then special techniques of braces to move the teeth to this position.  This is not conventional orthodontics. Simply using  conventional braces will not work in these cases.

The photos show the dramatic changes that correcting the overbites can achieve.  Notice how this looks like a non-surgical facelift in addition to alleviating the TMJ pain and unesthetic appearance of an overbite.

If you have any questions about non-surgical overbite correction or TMJ pain, please feel free to call our office, Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, 713-668-2289

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