Nonsurgical TMJ Treatment from Dr. Konig

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Nonsurgical TMJ Treatment from Dr. Konig


Patty, thank you for sharing your story today. I know you told us that what brought you to our office was you had some clicking or popping your jaw. Is that right?

I did. I had the right side of my jaw was coming out of place  popping a lot when Id yawn, when Id eat. And, wasnt sure whether it was arthritis or what it was. I talked to my regular dentist and he said I needed to get treated for TMJ. And, I didnt want it to get any worse. I think Ive caused a little damage, but its great now.

And you went through the nonsurgical bite management treatment here? 

I did. Dr. Konig has brought my jaw forward and realigned my jaw. I knew it was out of place  it was obvious with all the popping. And I dont have any swelling or popping. I can yawn and eat without any issues. I think, like I said, that I caused a little bit of damage but not so much that I cant live perfectly normal. Happy with my bite. My smile is much better. Its great.

And do you feel like your teeth have a home now?

Absolutely yes. I know when I close my mouth where they go. It wasnt happening before.

Okay great. Thank you, Patty for sharing your story with us.

Thank you.