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carrie cash


"As a graphic designer and see fair amount of poorly constructed veneers and dental work on my subjects, so when I considered getting them I was concerned that my naturally imperfect smile would forever look fabricated. I was recommended by my orthodontist and oral surgeon to Dr. Konig for both veneers and two implant abutments.

Right away I was put at ease by his light-hearted, professional demeanor. He addressed my concerns by explaining my new veneers would look as natural as I would like them to be and detailed procedures to achieve the results that make clients smile. He patiently worked in tandem with my oral surgeon and orthodontist to help facilitate the process.

I visited the lab he trusts to consult on the color of my veneers and was impressed by the highly-skilled techs and their mastery of shape, color, and luminosity.

I rarely sat more than a few minutes in the waiting room. The entire staff was always friendly, smart, and on top of my plan. My treatment course was over a very long time (not on Dr. Konig's account) and noticed no staff turnover.

He is not the cheapest, but the results of his skill, color perception and attention to detail make Dr. Konig worthy of the investment. I am a very happy client."


"Dr. Konig is a phenomenal doctor and person. Outside of being the best at what he does in the city (complex TMJ and dentistry work- that's how was referred to him to begin with), he's also a high level thinker. After several months after taking on my TMJ case (an existing condition), he realized that it was far more than just TMJ that I was suffering from and inquired if I has been tested for Lyme disease given the symptoms manifesting were similar to that of a few patients that he had who contracted it at a point in time. Not a single physician among the dozen or so that I had seen by that point for my myriad of symptoms (including several infectious disease specialists) thought to do so. In the end, that was the catalyst for me getting tested for and ultimately getting diagnosed with Lyme disease and several co-infections. Some 2.5 years into my battle with the horrific disease, I'm now infinitely (90%+) better, and I have an immense debt of gratitude to Dr. Konig. And he also fixed my TMJ related issue set. Suffice to say, I would highly recommend him to anyone."

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"I came to Dr. Konig with chronic migraines, a severe case of TMJ and an absolute fear of dentists. He and his staff took a very comprehensive approach, first addressing multiple issues with my jaw and the resulting gum damage caused by years of grinding my teeth. Second was the reconstruction of my teeth. He was able to give me a smile I never thought I could have. I often joked with him that I married into a family of beautiful people, who could have ALL been toothpaste models. Being in family photos had always been embarrassing. Thankfully, he was able to make my smile perfect in time for the next family wedding. I was so proud to stand next to my gorgeous in-laws for the first time! I will always be grateful for how he changed my life. Thank you, Dr. Konig!!!"

Kini Wolfe

"Dr Konig is highly exemplary and is very knowledgeable, professional, caring, and treats you with kindness from your very first appointment. Dr Konig, is so very patient and takes the time to listen to you and your concerns. He always knows what's best and is excellent in executing the procedure like no one else could. To be honest, I work with a lot of people and have seen dental work performed by others and I just have to say, it doesn't compare to Dr Konigs expertise and can only wish they could have made an appointment with Dr Konig before they had their implants and veneers done. There's a huge difference of your teeth looking "generic" versus having your teeth look just like you're genuine teeth. A smile makes a world of a difference and I still get compliments on my smile and my beautiful teeth. They don't ask if i had work done and think it's all natural, and it's all due to Dr Konig, to whom I will always be thankful for changing my life. Literally. His friendly hospitable team that works there are very efficient, are the friendliest, caring people and always treat you like you are their family. They are always kind and accommodating, are excellent and the the very best of taking care of you, not just sometimes, but always. If anyone is deciding on who they should go to for dental needs, I had veneers and implants, I would very strongly encourage you to consider Dr Konig for your dental procedure. You will never regret your decision once you choose him, He will definitely change your life and you can smile with confidence!"

grant smiles testimonials square


"To Ron, a 22,800 ft. Summit Smile!

Thanks for the great work!!"

alexis weddingdaysmile


"I enjoyed healthy teeth but had a cross bite & two baby teeth as an adult that never fell out. I'm a big laugher by nature & I would always attempt to control my smile & laugh in order to minimize my teeth's exposure. As an adult, I began an exhausting search into options to correct my smile. My options seemed daunting. Then I found Dr. Konig & his wonderful staff. I had conducted multiple consultations with multiple doctors without a single one making feel as though I wanted to move forward. By the end of my consultation with Dr. Konig we had a plan that I felt comfortable with & was excited about. By the end of two pain free (& actually very pleasant) visits, Dr. Konig had created the big beautiful smile I've always wanted. Today, on special days & every day in between, I smile my fullest smile thanks to Dr. Konig & his staff. I couldn't be more grateful for their kind, attentive, & professional care… I will never go to another dentist nor will I ever recommend another one to anyone that asks. Thank you, Dr. Konig!"


"Dr. Konig, Words can't express all you've done for me. Without your help and generosity, I wouldn't have a future in baseball. Someday, I hope I can help someone with the same openness and have my heart receptive to the needs of others.... Thank you for teaching me how to live with the same in my heart.... Somehow Thank You just doesn't seem like enough."

portraits 05 0 1 square


"Always smiling thanks to you!"

portraits 03 square


"Thank you for my beautiful and natural smile! I only wish I would have done this a long time ago. Your office should be called 'Where Dentistry Becomes Art'."

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"After the work you did to straighten and whiten my teeth, I am experiencing the joy of smiling again, and I am very proud.

portraits 04 square


"A few chosen words cannot express the boost that my corrected bite and beautiful teeth make me feel… Thanks for the painless and artistic work."

dr. bud frazer testimonial for houston cosmetic dentist dr

Dr. Bud Frazer

Heart Surgeon

Dr. Bud Frazer is the top heart surgeon in the world, and has been a patient of Dr. Konig's for many years. Thank you for your loyalty, Dr. Frazer!

amanda trevor square

Amanda & Trevor

As Seen On Inside Edition: "Dr. Konig, you did such beautiful work. Thank you for making Trevor his best on our wedding day. The wedding was everything we could've imagined it to be. As we move forward as one in our new life, we wanted to take a chance to look back and reflect. So, thank you, take care and we hope the same happiness comes to you as it has to us.

'For a fleeting moment, our paths cross, but we take that moment with us for a lifetime.'"

crystle stewart square

Crystle Stewart

Actress & Miss USA 2008

"Dr. Konig, because of your dental care, my smile is more radiant than ever and I can pursue my dreams with confidence."

toni grant with drew barrymore for dr ronald konig cosmetic dentist houston


"My name is Toni and I was a patient of Dr. Konig's for quite a while some years ago. I had an EXTREME case from being injured as a kid due to an oncoming van that hit me. When I came to Dr. Konig, I was probably in my early twenties and had spent my teen years and early twenties getting tossed around from dentist to dentist because the court system allowed greedy dentists to squander all of my settlement money and it left me broken and without a smile. In fact, I remember visiting Dr. Konig's office on a whim from being at another office in his building. I saw 'Cosmetic Dentistry' on a sign and thought, what the heck - why not give it a try.

"There was Glenda (not sure if she's still with you), warm, funny and inviting. I was nervous, still a kid coming from a bad experience with little to no money and no idea where I'd get it once I was given a treatment plan. In walks Dr. Konig, smiling with hand extended, "Hi, Toni - what can I do for you?" He was knowledgeable and caring in a human way that is often times not found in professional services. And then it was time to open my mouth...and I was so use to exasperated sighs from dentist's that I was waiting for it...and it never came! He got right down to business and did in ONE visit what those dentists who had squandered my settlement money hadn't done in over 8 years - I couldn't believe it. When I left his office and got down to my car, I sobbed in relief that maybe, just maybe - I was finally going to get some help and here I am.

"Dr. Konig, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for what you did for me. I have never forgotten you guys, yourself or Glenda. I want you to know that I've had the time of my life, thanks to you. I married the man of my dreams on a tropical island, honeymooned in Paris, studied abroad in Italy, am a self-made entrepreneur currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

"THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DR. KONIG!!! THANK YOU for treating me like a decent human being and not a number or manila folder. I humbly thank you!"

skiing patient testimonial


"It can't get any better than Dr. Konig!

"I have been a patient for 15 years and have consistently received the best care. Thanks for being the best dentist in Houston, Dr. Konig!!!"


"Dear Dr. Konig, I would like to thank you for making my days brighter by making my night more peaceful and serene. As you know, my spouse has been battling sleep apnea for years, and, consequently, I have been battling endless sleepless nights for the same period of time. After attending a local sleep clinic, or "snoring camp" as it is referred to in our family, my husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea and outfitted with a CPAP assisted breathing machine, a sort of "Darth Vader" type mask that he was to don nightly in an effort to eliminate his snoring and the accompanying apnea by forcing air into his lungs and maintaining his oxygen levels during sleep. On those nights when he would arm himself and fill his CPAP tank with water, it did, in fact, cure his snoring. However, the substituted "Darth Vader" breathing, identical in rhythm and volume to the villain in the movie, and the required setup and breakdown of the machine each night and every morning made the cure worse than the disease for me as the spouse. In addition, it was impossible to travel with a CPAP in a carry-on bag requiring us to check luggage or leave the CPAP behind.

"In an effort to find a more practical solution to the snoring curse, my skeptical but accommodating spouse agreed to give your dental appliance solution a whirl. It was a miracle! From night one, we have been a snore free household. My husband finds the dental appliance to be comfortable, effective, hassle-free, and easy to take with him when he travels. The sleepless nights in our household have ended for all of us! Thank you for making sleep possible once again in our home!"


"Dr. Konig has restored my confidence in dentistry along with restoring my teeth. I no longer have headaches nor do I have jaw pain. The office is calm, professional and well organized. Everyone there is kind, helpful and easy to talk to. No need to dread going to the dentist because Dr. Konig's office is a pain free zone! Dr. Konig's two long term dental hygienists are the very gentle and thoughtful."


"Hello Dr. Konig, I have enjoyed browsing your website, it is composed very well. I loved seeing my before and after photos! What a change! I am so blessed that everything turned out so perfectly! It has been a relief not to have my teeth problems ruin my life, thanks to you! I love the way I look, not having spaces and food traps in my teeth, my jaw doesn't have any "play" in it, it is strong. My teeth have "a home". Everything is solid! I like the way you described the photos! I agree! I really notice the improvement in my face and I love how my smile follows my lip line! Thank you so much Dr. Konig!"


"Dear Dr. Konig, thank you for taking such good care of me following a very bad dental experience. You have restored by confidence and trust and have given me a beautiful smile!! I will never be able to repay you for your compassion and sensitivity. All my friends and family and especially my husband attest to the skillful job you did in making my smile look brighter and my teeth whiter. Thank you all again and I hope you keep doing what you are doing for a long time."


"Dear Everyone at Dr. Konig's Office: I have been at school for almost two weeks, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with my teeth! I have had so many compliments on how great my teeth look! I owe y'all so much. Thank you for fitting me into your incredibly busy schedule! I really appreciate it. I love how my teeth look, and I love how they feel! I am able to eat so much more than I used to! In fact, tonight I ate a hamburger (without using a knife and fork!). Thank you so much for all of the time and energy that y'all put into making my smile feel and look so great! Thanks again."


"Dr. Konig, I will never ever be able to find the perfect words to express or show you how very grateful I am there aren't any special words to say or anything I can do to express all of my gratitude. I wish I could show you all the happiness in my heart for making a miracle come true for me. I can now smile without covering my mouth in shame. I love to smile and find myself smiling even more with a new found attitude and confidence. My customers and coworkers are constantly telling me I have a beautiful smile! It's so amazing how much of an impact you have made that a makes a difference in one's life. I'm still excited and so very happy with what you and your amazing staff have done for me. Everyone is so kind and caring! I thank the good lord for you and your wisdom, professionalism and for everything you have done for bringing so much happiness to our lives. You the best Dr. Konig!!"


"Dr. Konig, Connie, Lynn, Donna, and Glenda: Thank you for restoring my faith in modern dentistry. After not going to the dentist for almost a decade, I was skeptical of your claims that this visit would be painless and even pleasant! Much to my surprise, it was pleasant and very pain-free. Thanks again for your kind and gentle techniques and your understanding. You guys did a wonderful job! See you the 15th!"


"Dear Dr. Konig, just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your expertise in handling my TMJ problem. After years of TMJ therapy by other doctors, I was still suffering from an incorrect bite and neck aches. However, you have 'fixed' all that and I feel great and have the best smile ever. Thank you again!"


"Dr. Konig, all my gratitude for the final product of my arduous dental journey. You have crafted perfection! At times, I could shoot you (or anyone with what I was going through), but who wouldn't melt for that big grin, warm heart, and quick wit! Thanks for seeing me through and putting up with me, and especially, for your expertise! Best Regards."


"Dear Dr. Konig, I guess I've been too busy SMILING to write and thank you. A few well-chosen words cannot express the boast my corrected bite and beautiful teeth make me feel. This investment of a lifetime was a totally painless - even pleasant - experience. Kudos. to you and your most professional staff!"

15094278 10202233430314164 1547361805238766637 n

Shout out to Ron Konig for helping "center" me again and helping me resolve my TMJ issues. I'm no longer "popping" and annoying the family at mealtime. Norma Brown, thank you as well. While I wasn't a fan of the "gizmo," you made my visits so much better with laughter and that blanket! Dr. Konig, you are the best of the best!


An Excellent Experience!
Dr Konig has been my dentist for well over a decade primarily focused on general maintenance and check ups until I decided to have them help me with my current "bite" and fixing cracked and worn down teeth.

Dr Konig and his staff are hyper-focused on YOUR satisfaction...they will not quit until you get the results you desire and that was clear from the start!

1. The Process: Yes, I was concerned about venturing down this path and had done a ton of research of what to expect. When we began discussing what the process was I was amazed by how much I didn't know or had not read, understanding the process is very important for me in order to level set on what to expect and they did not disappoint. Once I felt comfortable I was ready to commit in moving forward with a clear picture of what to expect and how we were going to get there.

2. The Communication: We all use different language to describe what we are experiencing and this leaves room for misinterpretation especially when dealing highly trained professionals (experts have their language and we have ours). During the entire process they left no room for miscommunication which can lead to errors and therefore everything went really smooth!

3. According to Plan: Well as life would have it things don't always go according to plan and that is when the real professionals distance themselves from everyone else. I started out thinking I wanted a new smile but when I saw that new and perfect smile it turns out that just wasn't me. Turns out that what I really wanted was my same smile but from 20 years ago so we changed course. It is important to note this would not have happened if Dr Konig and his team were just there to "do the job". They could tell something was off and kept asking me a lot of questions until I finally told them I just wanted my younger smile back. We made adjustments towards that goal before doing anything permanent and I couldn't be happier!

4. Customer Satisfaction: You Will Be Satisfied!
You can just tell when someone you are dealing with has YOUR best interest at heart. Through this entire experience I never worried about what the end result was going to be because I knew that all Dr Konig and staff cared about was that I was happy and that fact by itself removed a lot of stress from the entire experience.

5. Conclusion:
Having any medical or dental procedure is stressful. Regardless of all the research you may do and all the people you will talk to doesn't change this fact. I can assure from personal experience that choosing Dr Konig for these procedures was 100% the correct decision!

High recommend Dr Konig and his Team!


Last year was memorable with my diagnosis of TMJ and all that was involved in treatment for it. Thank you for helping me deal with the dread of the experience and turning it into a pleasant one. Looking back over eight months of treatment, I Have nothing but positive thoughts.

I appreciate and thank you for your responsiveness and attention to my needs during treatment. I am grateful for your expertise and for giving me teeth that fit comfortably and a beautiful smile.

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