Severe TMJ Pain and Neck Issues Treated and Resolved Non-Surgically

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TMJ Pain Treatment from Houston TMD Treatment Specialist, Dr. Ronald Konig

Severe TMJ pain and neck issues treated and resolved non-surgically by Houston dentist Dr. Ronald Konig

This is Mark and he has been coming to our office for a few months.  When he first came in, he was having a lot of symptoms.  And can you tell us a little bit about what brought you here and also how you have improved?

Okay, so I've been suffering really badly with TMD for about 3 years.  I contacted you guys in early 2018. March, April, somewhere around there. It's currently October of 2018 and okay, so for having every TMD symptom in the book. Losing my job, being couch bound, not able to open my mouth, living off smoothies. I got my fixed orthocic placed and yeah, in April. And now I can literally do anything I want to and it is amazing. I got my life back.  I didn't have a life when I saw Dr. Konig and like, the only thing holding me back now is just me, and laziness. But I think that kind of goes along with anybody.

Well I love your story because you came to such a long way in really a relatively short amount of time.

And um, yeah I really did. And it's always fun to see you in the office and so glad you're out of pain and feeling better and able to get back and do some work too, right.
Yeah absolutely.  It feels good to be a contributing member of society. It feels good to actually go out with friends and eat and you know, have a few drinks or whatnot.  And make plans and keep them. And not spend all of my time on the couch, you know, in misery. So that's a big improvement. Oh yes, it really really is.

Well we're really, we're really glad that we had the opportunity to help you and thank you so much for sharing your story with us and then with other people. 

All the thanks to you guys.  Dr. Konig and his entire staff. I love you guys.

Perfect, thanks Martin. 

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