Houston TMJ Treatment Testimonial for Dr. Ronald Konig

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Thank you, Harley, for the kind words about your experience working with Dr. Konig for TMJ treatment.


Video Transcript

TMJ Treatment Testimonial for Dr. Ronald Konig

Good morning. Harley, can you tell me, share with me the situation regarding the TMJ problems you are experienceing.

I've been experiencing TMJ problems for over 15 years. Very painful. My jaw was, it felt like when I was biting down and there was unbelievable pain. Things felt misaligned.  Went to many, many dentists. Over and over I was told you're grinding your teeth, stop grinding your teeth. Wear a night guard. Take aspirin before going to bed. And things like that.  The problems persisted and never got fixed. Eventually I came in to see Dr. Konig. They referred him. And within the frist few minutes of talking to him, he was able to find out there was a misalignment with my bite, and it wasn't because of grinding. Because of this, there was a problem with one of my dics in my jaw that was being damaged because of my bite. He was able to fix my bite, get the alignment correct with a little bit of dental work. And within 6 months I would say the problems were completely gone. Had I not seen Dr. Konig, the pain would have gone on and on persistent. I am so grateful for what he's been able to do.

Wonderful. Well thank you Harley for sharing your story.

You're welcome.

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