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August 06, 2018
Many patients who have TMJ pain do not have to go through orthodontic treatment or complex surgery to correct their overbites or address their discomfort. The first step in these cases is to treat the TMJ pain. During this phase, the correct physiologic jaw position is determined comprehensively... Read More
August 01, 2018
Everyone wants a bright, white smile, but with so many tooth whitening options available today, it can be difficult to determine which one will best meet your needs. The list.ly list below examines popular options for tooth whitening - many of which can be tried at home - as well as tips on... Read More
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
July 23, 2018
Sleep apnea is a serious condition that, left untreated, can result in dangerous and even fatal complications. Houston dentist Dr. Ronald Konig offers advanced sleep apnea treatments, but these work best when lifestyle choices and other factors are not working against them. Here, we will explore 10... Read More
Category: Sleep Apnea
July 16, 2018
The cost of dental implants can vary depending on factors unique to each patient. The best way to determine how much the placement of dental implants will cost is through a one-on-one consultation at our Houston office. During this meeting, we can discuss insurance options along with other methods... Read More
July 02, 2018
July is National Ice Cream Month, which may cause some to wonder, “what does ice cream do to my teeth?” Or more to the point, “can I eat ice cream and keep my teeth healthy?” Let’s answer the second question first: Yes, you can eat ice cream and maintain a healthy smile. That is not, however, an... Read More
Category: General Dentistry
June 13, 2018
There is a reason that teeth are crooked or that ones airway is small.  There is more to health than straight teeth.  A properly functioning nasal breathing, swallowing, and tongue function truly affects the dental occlusion or bite. Having dysfunction in these areas can cause a host of problems... Read More
June 12, 2018
June is Men’s Health Month. Do you have untreated oral health issues that are impacting your quality of life? Issues such as TMJ and sleep apnea can have far reaching consequences when left untreated. This June, take time to consider your oral health and give Dr. Konig a call to discuss any... Read More
June 04, 2018
A new story in Readers Digest quoted Dr. Konig in an article discussing the causes of headaches: "Jaw joint dysfunction and bite-related problems are two common headache causes, says Ronald Konig, DDS, a dentist in Houston who specializes in TMJ treatment. 'A big contributor to these headache... Read More
May 30, 2018
If TMJ treatment is searched on the web, one will find many different options for treatment as well as some that list themselves as TMJ specialists. There is no recognized American Dental Association specialty in TMJ so technically, there is no such thing as a TMJ specialist. Some practictioners... Read More
May 23, 2018
There are two primary types of sleep apnea: central and obstructive. Central sleep apnea, the less common of the two, occurs when signals between the brain and the muscles of respiration stop communicating. This type of sleep apnea is often linked to another health condition or disease and is... Read More