TMJ Treatment Testimonial for Houston Dentist Dr. Ronald Konig

Video Testimonial

Patient testimonial and personal experience working with Dr. Konig for TMJ treatment.

Video Transcript

TMJ Treatment Testimonial for Houston Dentist Dr. Ronald Konig

Explain why you came into the office.

I came in, I have been having problems with TMJ for several years. And it progressed to the point where every time I would bite down, I had a feeling of basically being electrocuted in the face. So, I spoke with my dentist and they said I needed to see a TMJ specialist. So I looked you up and you had wonderful reviews, so I came to you.

Explain your experience and how you are doing now. How it helped change your life.

Um, the experience was great.  They were doing a very comprehensive initial analysis of what was wrong and explained to me exactly what the problem was.

This is what the side effects were.  If I didn't get it treated, what was going to continue to happen as far as degrading of the joint and everything. And so they gave me options as to a treatment plan and I just decided to go ahead and do it.

Um, we started off with the temporary um, orthotics, temporary orthotics. And I wore that for several months until we got everything adjusted the way that the bite needed to be optimized. And moved on to attempt a permanent fix.

How do you feel now?

I feel great!  I mean, it's amazing. It's improved. I sleep better, I don't have any headaches. My neck doesn't hurt, my shoulders don't hurt as much.

You don't realize how much that was effecting the rest of my health.

Well thank you for sharing everything. We really appreciate the opportunity to care for you. You've done great.

Thank you very much for helping me.

You're welcome. 

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